Making a Rented Holiday Home or Villa Your Second Home

Majestic, cosmopolitan, dynamic and pristine - just a few of the magical facets of Australia. When holidaying in Australia, there is something for everyone, the intrepid adventurer, the beach bum, the mall rats and the foodies. The big cities like Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Cairns all have their own special allure and the diverse holiday accommodation in Australia will ensure that travellers have everything they need away from home.

Where to go in Australia

New South Wales, which is the oldest state in all of Australia, is a dynamic destination filled with an abundance of World Heritage Sites, glorious, unspoiled rainforests, world class surfing hot spots to name but a few. Sydney is right at the hub of the Central Coast line wherein beautiful, pristine beaches and prime scuba diving spots lies. Nothing quite like the Australian outback experience to make you forget about the strains and stresses of modern life. No matter whether you are camping or staying in beachfront holiday accommodation, Australia will captivate you.

Western Australia is a panoramic delight for the senses, grab your scuba gear and be transported to another world whilst you dive with whale sharks or swim with dolphins and manta rays. Or get your heart racing whilst you navigate the raw and rugged Golden Outback of Western Australia with nothing but the stars and vast open landscapes as companions.

If you are looking for a holiday more along the lines of white beach sand between your toes, sails of yachts flapping in the wind, whilst relaxing on the beach taking in the sights, the surfers and the sun, then Queensland is for you. For a something a bit more riveting, visit the vibrant theme parks of the Gold Coast, or take an exciting off road trip through the sand dunes, explorer the mystic rainforests or dive the barrier reef.

What to do on holiday in Australia

From rustic self catering holiday accommodation in the Tasmanian wilderness to the sleek and sophisticated holiday accommodation of sublime Sydney, Australia will allow you to experience a whirlwind of adventure, history and romance as some of the world’s most famous attractions appear right before your eyes. Imagine Ayers Rock, The 12 Apostles, The Sydney Opera House or Fraser Island all within your reach.

For the adrenalin junkies for whom catching a tan and wave just doesn’t’ cut it, then Australia will not disappoint you. A hive of intense outdoor activities are on offer, like sky diving, bungee jumping, paragliding and shark cage diving. To be able to experience the diving opportunities on the Great Barrier Reef is a once in a life time extravaganza that will leave you breathless, and is absolutely not to be missed.

Climate Conditions in Australia

Let’s face it, Australia is hot, even in winter the temperate Mediterranean climate means that you won’t need much more than a light jacket to keep the cool night air out. It rains in winter, between April and November, and can be a sticky and humid summer, with February being the most uncomfortably hot. When choosing holiday rental accommodation, be careful not to go camping, for instance during the winter months, but the over the summer months, the beach is absolutely perfect!

Travelling to Australia

Depending on your budget and your requirements for a holiday, there are numerous flights into the big cities every day. Holiday rental accommodation may be cheaper out of season, such as winter, but then holiday rentals such as tents for camping may not a great idea. You are able to fly into the international airports of Canberra, Perth, Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne, and pick up transport directly to your holiday rental accommodation.

Read what one of our travellers had to say about Cape Paterson!

Cape Paterson is only 10 minutes drive away from my home in Wonthaggi. Shack Bay, a beach there, is my favourite. Once you walk down the 100 steps or more it's time for the family to explore. Starfish and shells—no risk of rips or swells. My kids love the rock pools to look inside and I love the serenity in my bathers no need to hide. This beach never gets crowded or busy; its quiet and peaceful and easy. When I feel like escaping and taking a moment for myself this is the place I choose over anyplace else. If I could afford a holiday away, I wouldn't hesitate to stay someone new, but this is my favourite place.

The next day when your legs are sore and tired you will remember the 100 or more steps you walked! Don't tell too many people about my secret place a few show up but won't walk the pace down the steps to this beautiful place, such a great way to escape the rat race.

There is a view of Eagle’s Nest, the rock formation, out to the west. I have seen wombats and even a seal on my visit to this beach, so surreal.

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