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Earn up to $70,000 per year in rental income*

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Reach over 65 million travelers each month

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Your property listing on Stayz includes

  • Property headline to grab the attention of travellers
  • Property description to highlight the features and amenities of your home
  • Photos to showcase your home to travellers
  • Reviews collected directly from your guests
  • Map to show where your property is located and nearby attractions
  • Calendar to manage your property’s availability


  •   What is Stayz?

    Stayz is the number one holiday rental website in Australia. With over 45,000 properties in over 2,000 locations, Stayz  allows property owners to list and promote holiday accommodations, and receive and manage enquiries in relation to your property. Stayz also allows travellers to search and compare holiday homes from across the country.

  •   Why am I being asked to list my property on Stayz?

    Stayz website is owned and operated by HomeAway Inc, the world’s most comprehensive, trusted source for holiday homes. Listing your property on Stayz, you will get qualified enquiries from the largest audience of holiday rental seekers in Australia and you will have the opportunity to promote your property worldwide through HomeAway network of sites.

  •   What does it cost?

    Annual subscription: Subscriptions listings require an annual fee of $164 and allow unlimited enquiries and bookings at no extra cost. Pay Per Booking: With pay-per-booking, you can list your property for free and only pay a $15.90 per booking night.

  •   Can I list on Stayz and still get exposure on HomeAway?

    Yes, listing your property on Stayz you will and have exposure to millions of travellers each year on all the worldwide sites in the HomeAway family.

*Based on the average of the top 5% of owners advertising on in a 2013 survey.