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  • Pay no booking fees or commissions.
  • High return on investment: Earn up to $26,000 from your holiday home annually*.
  • Performance guarantee: We guarantee you'll get at least one booking or your next year is free**.
  • Maximum exposure: Reach over 32 million potential travellers each month^.
  • Easy to use tools: Access reservation management tools that will make managing your holiday rental business easy.


Vacation Rental Income Calculator

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How many weeks do you need to rent to break even?
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Pay one low annual price to list

Easily list your property on the HomeAway international network of sites. Plus, if you want to get more exposure for your property we have a range of options to help you do so.

HomeAway subscription $99 ex GST

  • Your listing on for one year
  • Listing displayed on 24 international HomeAway sites

Global Bundle $199 ex GST

  • Enhance your visibility in search results on popular international sites, including our US, UK, German, French and Brazilian sites
  • Listings with Global Bundles receive over 4.8 times the enquiries* of listings without

Featured Listing fr. $39 ex GST

  • Highlight your property at the top of search results pages for your property's location
  • Properties with Featured Listings receive around 2.2x the enquiries* of properties without
  • Choose to feature your property from one month to one year

Special Offerfr. $4.99 ex GST

  • Once you've signed up, you can give your property an extra call out in search results with a Special Offer
  • Properties with Special Offers receive around 2.01x the enquiries* of properties without
  • Available in weekly options (minimum two week purchase) so you can easily add a Special Offer when your listing most needs a boost

Cost-effective subscriptions that give you value

  • One annual price to list
  • Pay no commissions or booking fees
  • Pay for your subscription with one booking
  • Other sites charge 10% or more per booking




*Based on results from for the period 1 January - 30 June 2013 that compare properties with the respective add-on product to properties without in the same location for the same period.

Included with every listing

24 photos

Enjoy the opportunity to showcase your home to travellers.


Collect reviews directly on your listing that provide invaluable traveller feedback to potential guests.

Contact options

Choose whether potential guests contact you by phone or through your listing online.


Help potential guests determine your home's proximity to local attractions and events to make their trip planning easier.

Availability calendar

Maintain one calendar to show your home's availability.

Property description

Describe your home for potential guests, including nearby attractions and key features.


Why rent?

There are plenty of exciting opportunities that arise from renting out your holiday home. If you're just considering renting or are trying to get the word out about your holiday home and are looking for a little help to do so, here's some reasons to list with us:


Generate an income: By determining the total expenses for your investment property, you can easily work out how many weeks you'd need to rent out your home to break even and then earn an income using our holiday rental calculator. 


Gain international exposure for your home: With HomeAway's global network, your property has the potential to be seen by travellers worldwide.


You control your listing: Everything from the description to the photos, availability to rates, is controlled by you. You have the opportunity to advertise your home the way you want travellers to see it.  


Pay no booking fees: You'll only pay a low annual subscription fee to get started and we won't make you pay any fees when you receive bookings. That means everything you earn from your guests is yours to keep.


We guarantee you'll get a booking: If you don't receive a booking in 12 months of listing with us, we'll give you one year free on our sites*. 

For more information on getting started, including sample rental agreements, visit our Owner Resource Centre

*View Performance Guarantee Terms and Conditions


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