Author: Linda McCormick

Linda McCormick is a freelance journalist, editor and travel writer living in Melbourne. Originally from Northern Ireland, Linda’s obsession with travel started at a young age and has yet to abate.

She’s been diving with sharks, surfs really badly, would like to sail around the Indian Ocean one day and continually threatens to move to Barcelona. Til then, you’ll find her sharing travel tales and ideas on her blog

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    • Historical Malta

      Located in the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese islands have always had close links to the major centres of civilization and history, with many neighbouring countries claiming title at one time or another down the centuries.

    • Things to do in Malta

      Considering its size at just 320 square kilometres, there's a lot packed into the tiny islands of Malta, sitting just 97kms south of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea.

    • Top Sights and Attractions in Ireland

      Sitting on the edge of the wild Atlantic Ocean, the Emerald Isle, as Ireland is often affectionately known, has been a draw for visitors keen to explore the land of myth and legends for many years.

    • 7 Easy Day Trips from Kuta

      Squeezed between Java and Lombok in the Indonesian archipelago, Bali is a relatively small province, which is quick and easy to traverse.

    • Top Sights and Attractions in Ubud

      Long regarded as the cultural centre of Bali, Ubud draws artisans, health enthusiasts and those seeking a more sedate pace to life. Spas, yoga centres, retreats and cafes ooze serenity.

    • 7 Reasons to Visit Norway

      Sitting on the edge of northern Europe, Norway is a beautiful and fascinating country, yet is not always on the top of people’s wish lists when it comes to visiting the region. With soaring mountains, the famous fjords and cities rich in culture and herita…

    • Top Sights and Attractions in Scandinavia

      Visitors to the historical region of Scandinavia will enjoy discovering unique cultures, natural wonders and urban environments offered by Sweden, Norway and Denmark - the three countries that make up the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe.

    • 5 Most Romantic Destinations in the World

      When you’re busy juggling careers, schedules and family responsibilities, there is often little time left for you and that someone special in your life. It’s important to take time out and make time for your relationship, even if you have been married for …

    • Best Adventure Travel Experiences

      When it comes to adventure travel, there are so many wonderful experiences to choose from these days it’s almost impossible to narrow it down to a top five. Regardless of level of experience, budget and age, it’s guaranteed you’ll find something to suit yo…

    • Top Secret: Things to do in London

      Still a place where you may spot the odd Scientologist, this impressive Georgian house is now a museum dedicated to Hubbard and his legacy, with four floors of exhibitions relaying his works, ideas and photography.