Palio della Rana

The Palio della Rana is one of the most exciting events in Italy, taking place the Sunday just after Easter. The Palio della Rana is also Italian Liberation Day, and the regions of Fermignano come together, fully kitted out in Medieval costume for a real celebration of independence day.

A Unique Event

Italy during the month of April is one of the best times to visit. Spring has officially arrived, and Italy is resplendent with vibrant scenery, vivid colours and effervescent landscapes. As the country unfolds from of its winter hibernation, there is an exciting line up of festivals and events that are held all over Italy. One of the reasons that it is the best time to visit is that the busy tourist season is not yet in full swing and only just picking up.


That means that visitors have the chance to experience the charismatic country for a fraction of the high tourist season costs. The cost of airline tickets don’t make your credit card burst into flames and holiday accommodation, holiday rentals, holiday apartments and holiday cottages in Italy are so much cheaper, yet the experiences are no lesser for it. The Palio della Rana is one of the most exciting events in Italy, taking place the Sunday just after Easter.

The Frog Race!

Fermignano is in the picturesque region of Marche and has played host to the event for, in what will be the 50th year, in 2014. The golden frog race involves real frogs who are transported in wheelbarrows, pushed by suave Italian men representing the 5 different districts in Fermignano. The idea is that each wheelbarrow has a frog, and when the race starts over the bumpy terrain, the aim is to keep the frog inside the barrow until the end of the race without the frog bouncing away, and disappearing into the crowd before they get the chance to have their few minutes of fame at the finish line.


Each frog under goes a thorough medical examination by a specialist veterinary doctor before the commencement of the race, to ensure that the contestants are all fit and ready enough to participate. With each of the strapping Italian lads clad in a different colour representing their district in Fermignano, the festivities get into full swing and the ambience is electric. Make no mistake that the rumours are true; the Italians really know how to party, and experiencing an authentic Italian festival is an extraordinary one. It would be a good idea to book your holiday accommodation or holiday rental close to the festivities so you can really soak up the atmosphere right in the heart of the charismatic town.


A pageant in full historical costume takes place the day before the frog race, complete with a spectacular firework show, excellent live music, a riveting air show and never mind the incredible food, the bustling sidewalk market, and of course it goes without saying, plenty of Italian wine and barrels and barrels of ice cold frosty beer. With so many special events during the vibrant month of April in Italy, there is no way that visitors will be bored and spending time in their holiday rental or holiday accommodation; visitors will just want to get out there and have fun.


Note: All dates & information in the above article were correct as of September 4th 2013


Photo courtesy of cepatri55

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