Albury Gold Cup Carnival

Hit the racing track and attend the prestigious Albury Gold Cup Carnival in 2015 in Albury, New South Wales. This horse racing event will bring together large crowds and spectacular horse racing that will have you gripping your seat as you hold your breath to watch the horses cross the finish line.

Social Glamour

The Carnival is renowned for the fashion that enthrals the men and women in the stands, showcasing the latest fashion trends and is one of the most social events of the year in the region.


Past Winners

Previous winners of the Albury Gold Cup include champion horses, expert riders and hard-working trainers. Who will be the champion of the 2015 Albury Gold Cup? Past winners include horses such as Niblick, Extra Zero, Paddy O'Reilly and Hofmeister, while the jockeys to have won the event feature top class riders like Nash Rawiller, Glen Boss and Damien Oliver. There have been some great trainers who have won the race, with David Hayes and Robert Smerdon multiple-time winners.



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Be sure to visit the Youth Café when in town, as you mellow out listening to bands from all around Australia and overseas to perform their latest music. The Murray River Performing Group also hosts theatrical productions. Recognised for the Flying Fruit Fly Circus in 1979, the Performing Group is still performing a variety of acts that will surely entertain.



Albury townsfolk know how to live and have fun as Albury hosts an array of attractions and activities for sporting enthusiasts, families and kids and those wanting to experience the culture through Art, Nature and History. Below are five popular attractions that tourists love when visiting Albury and its surrounds:


1. Fish at the peaceful, scenic Lake Hume or Murray River

2. Experience cooking at its finest at Albury’s Community Wood Fire Oven through baking, socialising and eating.

3. Visit the Botanic Gardens and search for fairies in the troll cave.

4. Fly in a joy flight over lush valleys, rivers and creeks and mountain ranges.

5. Enjoy wine tasting at the Rutherglen wineries.


History of Albury

Aboriginal tribes such as Wiradjuri lived in Albury and used the area for hunting and food gathering. Canoes, shields and shelters were created from long sheets of bark from the River Red Gum Trees. The Wiradjuri tribe has created a campsite at Wonga Wetlands and is set out in traditional form for cooking, sleeping, tool making and rock art and includes a ceremony/dance circle.

In 1824, explorers Hamilton Hume and Capital William Hovell carved the words ‘Hovell NovR17/24’into the trunk of the tree near the Murray River to mark the crossing place. A few years later, the town began to form. The Albury Heritage Trail will provide you more on the history of Albury.


Note: All dates & information in the above article were correct as of September 4th 2013

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