Byron Bay Surf Festival

Byron Bay is considered one of the most impressive oceanside locales in Australia, so it should come as no surprise that the annual Byron Bay Surf Festival has become a regional hit for travellers and locals alike. Surf culture is celebrated wholeheartedly in Byron Bay, which is evident from this major festival and the history of this waverunning town.

However, the Byron Bay Surf Festival isn't just about riding the waves. During this annual October event, the best in the arts, music and film also come out to celebrate this dazzling and truly breathtaking sport. If you want to celebrate surf culture in all of its glory, make sure to book your accommodation during the festival to have a great time and nurture your creative spirit.



From photography and textiles to painting and graphics, the Byron Bay Surf Festival loves to showcase the latest artists and designers from the region and beyond. Although there are plenty of Aussies who love to show off their creative side here, creative minds as far away as Japan, the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Sweden have made the trip to the festival to celebrate surfing culture and describe the beauty of the sport through images and movement.



There are plenty of ways to enjoy riding the waves here. Some of the events highlighted in the festival include swell forecasting, surfcraft workshops where you might become inspired to build your own board, surf yoga instruction, environmental awareness, art markets where you can buy the latest in surfing gear, and, of course, surfing on Wategos Beach. This festival has also donated more than $3,500 to charities and community organisations in the past, so this could be a great way to enjoy the sport and give back to the surfing community.


Music and Film

For the best in live performance and film, the Byron Bay Surf Festival can't be beat. Surfing has been the focal point of many films in the past, and several surfers in the area double as musicians, so it's a given that there will be plenty of sweet sights and sounds to enjoy here. Many of the bands here are local, so it's also an excellent way to check out up-and-coming musical acts. There is also an international group of filmmakers who gather at this spot every year to honor their love of the sport, and the festival features premieres and screenings that are sure to amaze.


Photo courtesy of Andy Hutchinson.

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