Narooma Oyster Festival

You've heard of the Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast, and there's a chance that you have visited these sunny places at least once. However, the Oyster Coast might be a locale that flew under your radar - but it is nonetheless one of the best ways to celebrate Oz's rich coastal heritage and maritime history.

Oysters are known the world over as a delicacy that are often served during special occasions. However, this seafood staple only becomes a luxury once it hits the plate in fancy restaurants. There is a rich cultural heritage and fishing industry behind oysters in New South Wales, and the Narooma Oyster Festival seeks to bring this once-decadent seafood into the hearts (and tummies) of families and residents in Narooma.


Festival Details

To be held on Saturday May 2nd, the Narooma Oyster Festival will be held near the Wagonga Inlet and Quota Park in the heart of the city. There will be several events that are perfect for people of all ages at this event, from seniors to the tiniest of ankle biters, so don't hesitate to bring the whole family. So far, the event has been evolving as Australia's premier seafood festival, so if you enjoy the fruits of the sea, there's no better place to be than Narooma on the first weekend in May.


One of the best reasons you should invest in a Narooma holiday house for this event is the fresh seafood that will be on display here. Oysters will be prepared in all varieties imaginable - from smoked to raw, and even atop pizza. Needless to say, this isn't exactly your grandmum's way of eating oysters. There is a rustic, open approach in the preparation of these mollusks, but that doesn't mean that the festivalgoers aren't expecting the finer things. You can bet that there will be plenty of wine and beer flowing to pair with these delicious gems, and there will be several renowned chefs on hand showing guests how to prepare oysters with world-class precision.



The specific event details for this years event are yet to be released, but in 2014, the Saturday saw patrons treated to the festival's "Naturally Gourmet Fair," which allowed everyone to feast on the treasures of the South Coast, including wine, cheese, organic produce and, of course, oysters. Festivalgoers of all ages were free to roam the park to see the lively cooking demonstrations from regional and celebrity chefs and the ever-popular oyster opening competition. There was also live music played throughout the day, so if you felt the need to bust a move after a few pints and plates of fresh oysters, the option was there!


One event you can't miss is the oyster shucking contest, which always draws a crowd. Although these little gems are delicious, they can be quite difficult to get into, which explains why their preparation has become a time-kept art. Here you will see some of the masters at work, taking their knives and other tools to shuck as many oysters as they can in an allotted amount of time.


Don't let the oyster shucking contest intimidate you, because even if you have never seen an oyster in your life, you can still learn how to open these bad boys at one of the oyster opening classes. Then, you can take some of the treasures from the South Coast and cook up your very own culinary masterpiece with oysters in the comfort of your HomeAway accommodation.



On Sunday of last years show, the festival hosted "Narooma on Show," which showcased not only oysters, but the many treasures that the region has to offer. If you had never travelled to Narooma before, this was the perfect place to learn about why so many people are flocking to this region.


Sunday festivities in 2014 also included the Poet's Breakfast near the Narooma Marina, which offered plenty of delicious brunch favourites to wrap up the event in style. 


For details on the 2015 event, stay tuned to the official website for a release of the schedule as we draw nearer to the first weekend in May.

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