Birdsville Races

Held every year in Central West QLD, the Birdsville Races is a popular event which attracts thousands of guests from around the world. The festival began in 1882 and has grown in both size and the amount of attractions offered over the weekend. Attendees can enjoy watching the outback races from the grandstand or special reserved boxes while listening to live music and enjoying great food.

Visitors can attend the races for one or all of the days, depending on the rest of their itinerary. Tours are available for those looking to spend the weekend at Birdsville. The tour packages include transportation, race admission and various tickets for night time events held after the racing is over.


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The races

If you enjoy gambling or racing, Birdsville provides a whole weekend dedicated to the sport. Jockeys take the race very seriously as prize money is exceptionally high for winners. Six to eight races take place at various timings throughout the day. Top finishers can earn $15,000 for their placement. The high stakes of the races and the cheering crowd alone will make any visitor riled up with excitement.



Tickets for the best seats sell out quickly, so be sure to check online for pricing information and to book right away. General admission tickets can be bought on the day of the event at the box office. VIP packages are also available, which include priority seating, gourmet dining, beer, wine and champagne for the entire day.



After a full day of racing, guests have the option of continuing the party into the night. Movie screenings, comedy clubs, cocktail parties and live music events are held throughout the weekend. Some events are casual while other glamorous affairs require visitors to don their best outfits. So whether you want to relax in a laid-back environment or you are looking for a fancy night, Birdsville has an abundance of entertainment aside from racing.


While these events cost extra in addition to race admission, packages are available which offer generous discounts.


Windoorah International Yabby Race

Freshwater crayfish called yabbies are auctioned off to the highest bidder and raced at Windoorah Yabby Race prior to the Birdsville Races. Held outdoors, the fun event involves some yabby racing and money raised is donated to local charities. Guests will also enjoy live music, food and a bar.


Note: All dates & information in the above article were correct as of September 4th 2013.

Photo courtesy of Geoffrey Rhodes

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