Kelloggs Nutri-Grain Ironman Series

Come out and see some of the country's greatest elite athletes compete during the Kellogg's Nutri-Grain IronMan Series. This grueling ocean competition is one of the most highly anticipated event series of its kind.

See some of the fittest athletes on the planet

Held over six separate events at some of Australia's most famous beaches, you'll see the country's Surf Life Saving athletes test their skill, speed, power, and endurance in a gruelling battle.


This series will feature 18 IronMen and 18 IronWomen, and while the event has evolved over the years, the key element remains - the surf. These athletes face sun, wind, rain, and huge swells, yet these competitors all take the challenge head on.


In addition to the 36 men and women, there is also a junior division that sees younger athletes compete. These youngsters are between the ages of 13 and 17, and all are required to hold a Surf Rescue Certificate. These young competitors are the future IronMen and IronWomen of future race series, so watching them compete is sure to hold thrills and excitement as they battle the waves.


Round one of the series will be a memorable start to the series. After the inaugural event, the remaining events will be held in various other exciting beach venues. The 2013 Kellogg's Nutri-Grain IronMan Series schedule is sure to hold excitement and thrills. After round one, the athletes will then continue on to various locations around the country.



During the series, the athletes will be put through their paces through several different races. During the ski portion, competitors will use the surf ski to maneuver around a three-buoy course to achieve the fastest times. This is perhaps one of the more challenging parts of the race because of the possibility of very choppy waters and surf.



For the swimming portion, the athletes will swim around a line of nine buoys. This is a very demanding leg of the race, because the competitors must swim through unpredictable open water areas, where anything can and does happen.



The paddle board, or board portion, requires the competitors to ride a modified paddle board through a series of string lines or buoys. This can be exciting to watch as the athletes must perfectly time their attack to skim over the waves in the best time, and often you'll see these competitors riding very large waves right into shore.



By the time the competitors reach the running leg of the race they are often already physically exhausted so this crucial leg is known to separate the best competitors from the rest. The course can change rapidly because the sand can change from wet to hard to soft and everything in between. While these athletes's might be pushed to the extreme, you and your travelling companions can follow the series in comfort. Each stop on this series is held in an area that boasts many activities and attractions. You'll be able to take in activities such as shopping, golfing, hiking and much more.


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