Noosa Festival of Surfing

Come on out to Noosa and enjoy one of Australia’s best-known activities — surfing. At the 2015 Noosa Festival of Surfing, you and your group can enjoy surfing competitions and much more.

About the Festival

The festival got its start in 1992 when the members of the Noosa Malibu Club established the Noosa Malibu Classic competition. The early competitions allowed members of the club to invite their friends to surf the right-hand point breaks of Noosa. In 1996, a professional level was added to the competition, elevating the event and prompting a name change to its current title of Noosa Festival of Surfing.


The Centre of Surfing

Noosa has been the centre of surfing since the '50s and '60s, with some notable innovations coming from the area, including shorter surfboards. Created by surfers such as Kevin Platt, these boards were some of the most exciting types of surfboards of the time and are highlighted at the festival.


Big Names Expected to Compete

Several big names are expected to compete in the pro surfing division of the competition in several events including the headliner, the Logger Pro. In addition, the women’s open event will be returning this year. There will also be noseriding and family challenge events. Tandem and paddleboard events are also scheduled to add to the excitement.


While the surfing events are the main focus, there’s a lot more to do and see at the festival. Here’s a look at some of the other great festivities that will be happening during the 2013 festival.


The Noosa Crick’s Jeep Festival of Surfing Beach Bar

This year’s event will have a decidedly gold colour with XXXX Summer Bright Lager taking the main sponsorship. This brewer’s most popular beers will be on tap as part of the PJ Burns Festival Village. Enjoy a cold one along with some live entertainment. The Beach Bar is open every day and lets spectators enjoy the surfing events from one vantage point, and the musical acts in another.


Doggies on Surfboards

Dog surfers will be highlighted this year during The Dog Surfing Spectacular. Come watch furry four-legged surfers cruise the waves!


Other Great Adventures to Experience

While Noosa may be a surfer’s paradise, it is also full of activities and attractions that can make it the perfect holiday destination. Along with the beaches and temperate climate, there are other activities and attractions to enjoy along with the Noosa Festival of Surfing.


Backpack or hike through the numerous beaches and national parks. Backpack Noosa will provide knowledge guide services and equipment for a day or two of fun taking in the natural scenery. Enjoy some local flavours and tastes at the region’s numerous café and restaurant selections. Restaurants that have received rave reviews from visitors include the Boathouse Floating Restaurant and Aromas Noosa.


When planning your holiday to Noosa to take in the events of the Noosa Festival of Surfing and other area activities, make sure to reserve a fully appointed area rental. With this type of accommodation, you’ll avoid the cramped hotel stay and you will even save money.


Note: All dates & information in the above article were correct as of September 4th 2013.

Photo courtesy of m.maddo

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