Adelaide Cup

The Adelaide Cup is one of the biggest horse races of the year held in South Australia. Since 2006 the event has been held each year on the second Monday in March (it was held prior to 2006 in May). Since 1973, it has been a public holiday in South Australia and is a major social event in addition to a horse race. In 2015, the Adelaide Cup will be held on Monday 9th March.

The biggest horse race in South Australia!

The total prize money for the Adelaide Cup is in excess of $400,000. This handicap race is currently held each year at the Morphettville Racecourse in Adelaide, Australia. The length of the race is 3,200 metres and is considered a long race in the world of horse racing. This historic race has been growing ever since it kicked off in 1864, just a few years after the popular Melbourne Cup.


Bring on the Betting

One reason that the Adelaide Cup is so popular is people love to bet on the event. People that attend the event place bets, but it is also televised and many more people who do not attend still bet on the horses. Online bookmakers have grown in popularity in recent years, allowing anyone with a computer to place bets on the best race in South Australia each year. Horse enthusiasts spend time in advance of the race researching the horses to make informed bets.


Attending the Event

The Adelaide Cup is one of the best social events of the season. People that attend the event are generally dressed up, as is traditional at big horse races. There are eight races throughout the day that kick off around noon and are generally about 40 minutes apart. In between races, there are many other forms of entertainment including listening to concerts, watching fashion shows, or enjoying gourmet food and drinks.


There are many types of people that attend the Adelaide Cup. Of course there are jockeys, horse owners, and horse trainers, but this is also a big day for socialites and celebrities. People looking to mingle with celebrities might just have the chance if they attend the Adelaide Cup. On this public holiday, government offices, schools, and many private businesses in South Australia are closed.


Other Celebrations

The Adelaide Cup is still a day of celebrations even for those who don't attend the event. Many people watch the event on TV at home. Because the Adelaide Cup is part of a long weekend it is also a great time to travel. Many take short trips throughout South Australia, enjoying holiday rentals along the coastline and days spent at the beach.


This holiday is one for spending time with friends and family over a good meal. A holiday rental in Adelaide, with its private kitchen, can help people to plan barbecues and picnics while away from home in celebration of the holiday. After a day of surfing and swimming at the beach, an evening of al fresco dining is a great way to watch the sunset.

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