Adelaide Festival 2015

Join the locals of the city of Adelaide as they gather together to celebrate arts and culture at The Adelaide Festival. The Adelaide Festival is a multi-day event dedicated to celebrating the artistic and extremely creative minds that are behind some of the most stunning and awe-inspiring musical, visual arts, dance and theatre performances.

What To Expect At The Adelaide Festival

The Adelaide Festival is considered one of the world's largest celebrations of the arts community. Local, regional and international artists gather in the capital city of Adelaide to celebrate the beauty, creativity and awe-inspiring nature of some of the world's favourite art genres.


The Adelaide Festival is made up of numerous live performances held at venues all over the city. Festival goers are treated to dance performances, musical concerts, and visual arts presentations. These performances can be performed by talented up-and-coming local artists or by world-famous dance troupes or musical performers.


Another highlight of The Adelaide Festival is the art gallery. Artists from all over the world submit sculptures and paintings for this art gallery. Festival goers can spend their time browsing these creative and inspiring pieces as part of this cultural festival.


Adelaide Writers' Week

The Adelaide Writers' Week is a part of The Adelaide Festival. This literary festival is designed to help inspire and develop writers' talent. There are various discussions, workshops and skill developing challenges that are designed to help writers develop their craft.


The 2015 Adelaide Writers' Week is dedicated to exploring secret histories. This means that writers, guest speakers and workshop attendees will focus on exploring all types of secrets from secret relationships to the British royal family. If there is a secret that has been held it can be discussed at this workshop.


What Other Events Are Available At The Adelaide Festival

There are a number of free events that are open to the public during The Adelaide Festival. The 2015 schedule has yet to be released, but stay tuned to the official website for details to come out soon.


Ticket Information For Adelaide Festival

Most events and live performances at the Adelaide Festival require you to purchase a ticket in advance. The price of tickets can vary depending upon who the performer is, the location of the tickets and how long the performance will last. 


More information can be found at


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All information in the above article was accurate as of August 25th, 2014


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