Adelaide Fringe 2015

The result of this open access to participants is that the Adelaide Fringe has quickly gained a reputation as being very diverse and renowned for excitement and spontaneity, as well as plenty of fun. You will be able to experience artists from around the world, as well as local exhibitors. The Fringe festival embraces not only music, visual art and design, dance and film, but also cabaret acts, comedy, circus, puppetry and much, much more.

Adelaide's annual arts festival

Come and experience one of Australia's largest art events Adelaide Fringe 2015. This annual arts festival takes place over a four-week period in Adelaide, South Australia. This festival held during February and March is an open access event meaning that anyone with an exhibition, cultural event, or other show can register and become part of this exciting art festival. Come enjoy the upcoming festival from 13 February to 15 March, 2015.


The Adelaide Fringe 2015 will completely take over the city of Adelaide and present more than 900 events in warehouses, lane-ways, vacant buildings, and parks. There will also be events and exhibits presented in more traditional venues such as galleries, cafes, hotels, and town halls, making it a great time to visit the city and experience it in its prime.


The Adelaide Fringe Difference

One of the main differences that sets the Adelaide Fringe 2015 apart from other worldwide Fringe festivals, is the free special events. These accessible programs run throughout the festival, and add an exciting carnival-like air that permeates the city. For instance, you'll be able to enjoy the Adelaide Fringe Street Theatre Festival, Fringe in the Mall and the Fringe Parade - all for free.


The 2015 Festival is undoubtably going to be just as exciting as the last and with many artists and performers participating, you'll definitely enjoy this unique event. And don't forget that the main goal of this fringe fest is to present an atmosphere that encourages the discovery of new and unique arts and entertainment.


About Adelaide

The site of the festival is the beautiful Australian city of Adelaide. Considered to be Australia's most livable city, you will find plenty of attractions and things to do when visiting during the Adelaide Fringe 2015.


Check out the beautiful, warm beaches that are less than a half an hour away. You'll love the moderate weather that includes an average winter temperature of 16 degrees Celsius and a summer average of 29 degrees.


The city has an 'urban cool' atmosphere that lets the Fringe Festival become the focus of your holiday, but also lets you explore and experience other attractions and activities.


In addition, the city is known for its diverse cultural mix. You and your group will find entertainment and foods that are unique and memorable. Adelaide is also considered to be Australia's wine capital, blending many different wine regions to present many options. You'll love experimenting with the many food and wine pairings.


As well as enjoying the Fringe Festival, visitors to Adelaide can also enjoy the Adelaide Festival and WOMADelaide, just to mention a few. There are also sports events including the Santos Tour Down Under and the Clipsal 500 V8 automobile race.


When visiting Adelaide and the Fringe Festival, make sure you choose accommodation that will let you and your travelling companions enjoy all that the area offers. Enjoy rental lodging that will give you plenty of space and rooms to stretch out and enjoy some quiet time.


Enjoy all the activities and attractions of Adelaide Fringe 2015, as well as many more that Adelaide itself offers for a once-in-a-lifetime holiday.


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