Ten Days on the Island

Tasmania captures true beauty, fascinating history and an arts culture that has granted it world-wide recognition. Ten Days on the Island, is an event that celebrates and indulges in all-things art, including performing arts, dance, music, theatre, visual arts, film and more. The event caters to those who want to see powerful expressions explored through Tasmania’s reputation as an island of contemporary culture.

Event Development

Ten Days on the Island has grown into such a well-known event over the decade that has drawn crowds from all over the country to experience this biannual celebration of arts. Guests can choose from ten arts festivals to enjoy across the ten-day festival period in a variety of areas throughout the luscious lands of Tasmania. The Company, Ten Days is a not for profit limited company that helps support cultural networks such as the Young ISLANDER program. The festival period is held over 20 – 29 March 2015 right across Tasmania.


2013 Program Highlights

For a taste of what to expect when witnessing the true talents of Tasmania’s local talent, just take a look at some of the past rave reviews. For instance in 2013 Circa showcased twenty circus acts in twenty minutes. NBC, New York praised them, saying “It all moves at break-neck speed, no two routines are the same, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to feel like you’re out of shape afterwards. Brilliant."


Kids loved Little Big Shots, Australia’s only stand-alone film festival for young people. Here is what one audience member said “I think it so important to have a festival like this because it really does give kids a voice.” Two programmes were included, one tailored for children aged two to 12 and the other from six to sixteen years old.


The Sprag Session allowed festival goers to hear Celtic tunes with a touch of funk and soul. Sprag Session wasoriginality at its best. Joella Foulds stated “The whole package: superb musicianship, excellent compositions, unique arrangements, a band that exudes energy and virtuosity, a stage presence that connects with their audience.”


Spectacular Sights

There are many ways to see the sights of Tasmania; kayak through still rivers, relax in a hot tub as you watch the nights sky or stroll through world-class galleries. Trek through Cradle Mountain or see the magnificent Russell Falls. For those keen on flying, splurge on a helicopter ride and see Tasmania from above.


Tasmania Welcomes You

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For a cool, fun and enjoyable festival that captures the true essence of art then be sure to attend the Ten Days on the Island for an unforgettable occasion for all who attend.


For more information visit tendaysontheisland.com.

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