Be Inspired Arts Festival

Get creative while travelling on holiday with a trip to the month-long be inspired Arts Festival. This month-long event features numerous activities, art exhibits and events that will inspire creative minds from all over the world to think outside the box.

What To Expect At The be inspired Arts Festival

The be inspired Arts Festival is an event dedicated to showcasing, highlighting and inspiring creative minds from all over the world. This month-long event in Gippsland, Victoria features art exhibits, workshops and events that take place at various venues all over the city.

Enjoy strolling through art galleries that feature stunning and create works from artists all over the world. Venues all over Gippsland feature various art galleries and exhibits that showcase the creative work from well-known and up-and-coming artists.

Get a chance to develop your creative side by attending one of the many workshops held over this month-long event. Various venues all over Gippsland, Victoria will feature art workshops that are designed to help develop and further your creativity and imagination. Workshops themes can vary and can include classes in basic drawing skills or general discussions on various art related topics.

Art galleries aren't the only thing on display at the be inspired Arts Festival. This arts festival also features a variety of musical performances from local groups and universities, dance performances and live theatre events. Anything inspired by creativity and imagination can be a part of this unique gathering of art-inspired individuals.


Ticket Information for be inspired Arts Festival

The be inspired Arts Festival will take place at various venues all over Gippsland, Victoria. Some events will be free, while others will require a ticket to grant entry to the event. The price of tickets will vary depending upon what the event is, where it is held, the location of the seats, and how long the event will last.


Experience The Stunning Natural Landscape Of Gippsland

Gippsland, Victoria isn't only known for its creative and artistic side; it also has numerous national and local parts that offer extremely stunning views. Travellers attending the be inspired Arts Festival can take a few moments when not exploring the art exhibits or live musical performances to see what the natural parks have to offer.

Take a day trip to explore the Wilson's Promontory National Park. This local Gippsland national part features a variety of trails and paths that will provide you with amazing views of surrounding land and mountains. The Tidal River Outlook will take you on a journey through gently rolling hills and beautiful sights that are unique to the Victoria region.

The beaches of Wilson's Promontory National Park are also something to experience. These beautiful sandy beaches are generally unpopulated throughout the year. This provides you with a peaceful, relaxing retreat that will allow you to really surround yourself with the amazing sights and sounds of Gippsland.

Travellers looking for another relaxing outdoor retreat might enjoy a trip to Hazel Park. Hazel Park is home to the Agnes Falls. Agnes Falls is a beautiful, extremely relaxing waterfall. Take a relaxing hike through the park and enjoy a peaceful day surrounded by the gently flowing water of the Agnes Falls.

If you are inspired to take part in the month-long be inspired Arts Festival, consider a local holiday rental for your lodging choice. Holiday rentals are affordable, private and centrally located to many of the venues that are part of the be inspired Arts Festival.

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