Melbourne International Jazz Festival

The Melbourne International Jazz Festival is a must-see annual jazz musical extravaganza, held in the bustling city of Melbourne, Australia. The 2015 celebration of Melbourne’s jazz heritage will take place May 29 - June 7, with boogie, bebop, beats and cool vibes filling the cities halls, clubs and open air stages. Travellers who choose to attend the festival will be amazed by the amount of home grown jazz talent Melbourne has to offer, in addition to the fantastic international artists scheduled to attend, many of whom undertake the long pilgrimage to Melbourne once a year especially for this event.

Planned Events at Melbourne International Jazz Festival

The Melbourne International Jazz Festival offers a variety of fantastic planned events, which cater to all tastes and budgets, with everything from groovy intimate performances to free outdoor concerts. The majority of these events are scheduled to begin in the early evening, often continuing on deep into the night. 

Holiday makers with downtown accommodation can also effortlessly attend the scheduled events, as the majority of the scheduled performances will take place in close proximity to downtown Melbourne.


Things to See and Do in Melbourne

As the majority of the Melbourne International Jazz Festival planned events generally occur in the evening or at night, travellers may also like to explore the plethora of other sights and activities that Melbourne has to offer such as:

  • The Melbourne Aquarium, which brings international visitors face to face with some of Australia’s most interesting, and in some cases dangerous, aquatic and terrestrial fauna.
  • The Old Melbourne Gaol (also now a museum), which housed and hung Australia’s most notorious bush ranger Ned Kelly, as well as being used as a US military prison during the Second World War.
  • The ‘Eureka Skydeck 88’, a 300 metre high building which towers over Melbourne, offering the highest viewing platform in the southern hemisphere.

Melbourne also offers a variety of organised sight seeing tours, in addition to a free tourist tram, which allow international visitors with downtown holiday accommodation to see the workings one of Australia’s most beautiful cities at their own volition.


Finding Accommodation in Melbourne

It is recommended that holiday makers intending to visit Melbourne for the International Jazz Festival 2015 book their preferred holiday accommodation well in advance, owing to the domestic and international popularity of the festival, as well as the popularity of Melbourne in general at this time of year.

Holiday Accommodation in Melbourne

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