Superbike World Championships

Come join the sounds and excitement of the 2015 Superbike World Championship. Phillip Island will be the venue of this high-energy event February 20-22. This event is actually the Australian round of the complete world championship circuit.

The sounds & the speed of superbikes!

Superbike racing is perhaps one of the most thrilling types of bike racing. Superbike racing uses motorcycles that must be commercially available to the general public - with very few modifications. This means that spectators will be able to see bikes that they may own or want to own, being raced at very high performance standards.

This connection to the public means that the Superbike World Championship is geared more toward showcasing bikes available to the public, rather than those highly modified grand prix racing bikes.


Come See The Best In Bikes

The Superbike World Championship races will highlight the latest and greatest of four-stroke, high performance street bikes from seven manufacturers - BMW, Aprilia, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Ducati, and Suzuki. During this championship, you'll see riders battling it out on these bikes to earn top honours.

The Phillip Island circuit is known for producing some of the highest average speeds, so you'll be seeing some of the top racers reaching peak speeds. For instance, in 2010, world champion Max Biaggi reached a top speed of 319.8 km per hour - that is some high performance racing!

Because of the modification regulations placed on these bikes, you'll be seeing racers atop bikes that essentially can be purchased by the public. These bikes must also meet engine size and weight limitations. After experiencing this race, you may be inclined to go out and purchase one of these speed bikes for yourself!

In addition to these regulations, all bikes will use the same control slick race tire made by Pirelli, which means all racers and teams will be using the same tires. In turn, this level racing field means that the race will be closer and more exciting.

During the race days, you can also enjoy several associated events and activities. For instance, take a helicopter flight and view the race from a vantage point high in the skies. Take a walk through the race pit areas with pit walk passes. After the races, take a ride on the track on Afterburner Ride Day. You'll be able to take a cruise around that track that was the scene of heart-pounding high-speed racing.


About Phillip Island

In addition to the Superbike World Championship, you will find many fun and exciting things to do and see on Phillip Island. In addition to the Phillip Island race circuit, you'll be able to take in the rich natural environment of this pristine Australian island.

How about spending some time at the Maru Koala and Animal Park where you and your group can see Koalas and other animals in their natural environment. Another wonderful attraction is the Phillip Island Nature Park-Penguin Parade. You'll be able to see the world's smallest penguins from boardwalks and viewing stands. You will definitely want to take in the Penguin Parade when these little creatures come ashore in the evening to waddle back to the safety of their island homes.

The island also offers many restaurants and dining options. Enjoy local flavours at unexpected spots such as on farmlands, or high atop the streets from a balcony.

With all that Phillip Island has to offer, you'll definitely want to have a comfortable holiday accommodation. Don't just settle for a hotel stay, find a wonderful Phillip Island rental that features multiple living spaces, and many additional amenities. Imagine having a fully equipped kitchen where you and your group can prepare a tasty picnic to take along on your adventures. It will be a holiday to remember!


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