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  • Great Australian Beer Festival

    Beer brewing has long been part of Australian culture and the Great Australian Beer Festival is a celebration of this part of Australia’s history. You can attend this festival in February 2015 in Geelong, Victoria — a beautiful setting with country views a…

  • Great Ocean Road Marathon

    Try your luck at conquering one of the world's most breathtaking marathons by taking part in the Great Ocean Road Marathon. The Great Ocean Road Marathon is held along one of the most breathtaking spots in Victoria, Australia: The Southern Ocean. The prist…

  • Inverloch Food and Wine Festival

    Prepare for a memorable experience sipping wine and sampling local food at the Inverloch Food and Wine Festival. This one day event held in Inverloch, Victoria is designed to help locals and visitors to the area experience first-hand the unique, yet eclect…

  • Lake Bolac Eel Festival

    Welcome to the Lake Bolac Eel Festival, an event truly like no other. Music, dance, delicious food will make sure this event lasts long in your holidays to remember. Focus of the event is on the environment particularly around Lake Bolac. While it is takin…

  • Melbourne Comedy Festival

    The Melbourne Comedy Festival is the third largest comedy festival in the world and has a rich history of novice and experienced comedians making their names here. It is expected Melbourne Comedy Festival 2015 will be as popular as previous years and will …

  • Melbourne Cup 2014

    The Melbourne Cup is an annual horse racing event held in Victoria, Australia on the outskirts of Melbourne. Dubbed the "Race that Stops a Nation", the entire nation gets involved in this iconic day!

  • Melbourne Cup Accommodation

    Now is the time to start thinking about where you'll stay and what you'll do during your time in Melbourne, for the once in a lifetime experience that is the Melbourne Cup!

  • Melbourne Cup Activities

    If you've never been to Melbourne, or simply are looking for fresh and exciting things to do while you're in town, take a look at this guide!

  • Melbourne Cup History

    Find out more about the history of the prestigious Melbourne Cup before this year's glittering event. The biggest horse racing event of the year has some fascinating stories from the past!

  • Melbourne Cup Race Day Guide

    Planning your movements for the Melbourne Cup? Our Race-Day Guide has everything you need to know.