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  • Inverloch Food and Wine Festival

    Prepare for a memorable experience sipping wine and sampling local food at the Inverloch Food and Wine Festival. This one day event held in Inverloch, Victoria is designed to help locals and visitors to the area experience first-hand the unique, yet eclect…

  • Be Inspired Arts Festival

    Get creative while travelling on holiday with a trip to the month-long be inspired Arts Festival. This month-long event features numerous activities, art exhibits and events that will inspire creative minds from all over the world to think outside the box.

  • Lake Bolac Eel Festival

    Welcome to the Lake Bolac Eel Festival, an event truly like no other. Music, dance, delicious food will make sure this event lasts long in your holidays to remember. Focus of the event is on the environment particularly around Lake Bolac. While it is takin…

  • ChillOut Daylesford

    Daylesford is well known for being an excellent place to relax and unwind, and while the name ChillOut Festival is in line with that, the event is certainly more vibrant than the town's tranquil spa culture.