Broome Races

Catch the excitement of the 2014 Broome Racing season, and join the Club’s sponsors for the best thoroughbred horse racing in Western Australia.

And They’re Off!

The racing season here on the Gantheaume Point lasts only eleven weeks (from 1st June through mid-August), so a lot of excitement gets packed into a short span of time. The season builds up to a grand finale in August, with the Kimberly Cup race, Ladies’ Day, and the Broome Cup wrapping up the season. The Broome Cup is the final meet of each year’s racing season at Broome and on the Pearl Coast in general, and offers a $100,000 purse to the winner.

Broome is the home of around 15,000 permanent residents, but is one of the fastest growing cities in Australia today. At the peak of the tourist season, the local population swells to a staggering 45,000 total. This means that while the town is highly focused on providing an outstanding holidaymaking experience, booking your rental accommodations in Broome far in advance is a prudent step. Broome has a strong history in the pearl harvesting history, and therefore has a multicultural population with Japanese, Chinese, and Malay heritage alongside the European and Aboriginal populations. This melting-pot society lends an extra dimension to celebrations and to race days, with each culture leaving its impact over the years on the town and the event.

With a horse racing history that goes back for more than 100 years, the locals know how to ensure that you’ll enjoy the trip. The day doesn’t end when the last horse reaches the finish line – this is more like the beginning of the day! Races typically begin at 1:00 pm, and the atmosphere is similar to a friendly and open country picnic or a day at the fair. At times, the socializing seems to be more important than the race itself. Before and after the race, enjoy games, live music, local performers, and delicious food. You will have only two difficult decisions: which horse to bet on, and what time to call it a night?

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Points of Interest

  • Unlike many tourist towns, Broome is singularly well suited to the international holidaymaker. Once your international flight has arrived in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, you can take a domestic connecting flight to Broome International Airport. The racecourse is only 7 km from the airport.
  • While you’re in town, be sure to visit Cable Beach, named for the landing spot of the first transoceanic telegraph cable laid from Australia to Singapore.
  • Get caught up in the history of Broome. Traditionally a hotspot in the mother of pearl / pearl shell industry before WWII, Broome continues to hold a prime spot in today’s cultured pearl industry, providing some of the world’s most sought-after pearls.
  • Book your holiday rental home early. Broome’s population grows to three times normal in peak season.
  • There’s no real need to hire a car on arrival in Broome. There are daily buses from town to the racetrack, and a free ride every half hour from the track.

Holiday Accommodation in Broome

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