Perth International Arts Festival

Come and experience all the excitement and sights that the Perth International Arts Festival offers. The 2015 festival will run from February 13 through March 7. Since its premier in 1953, this festival has grown to be a major international festival, enjoying a worldwide reputation in the arts world. The festival is known for its presentation of new works, quality art exhibits, as well as its innovative development.

During the three-week run, the festival will offer some of the best visual arts, theatre, film, music, literature, and community events. One of the broadest reaching festivals, no single festival can cover the width and breadth of the arts as well as the Perth International Arts festivals. During the past 50 years, the festival has committed itself to raising local works of art to an international level. It does this by raising the profile of the local arts, and telling the world of the environmental and cultural experiences of Western Australia.


Bringing The City Alive

Artistic Director Jonathan Holloway has said that the festival's job is to bring the city alive through the excellence of the art. He also says that the art comes from around the world from artists who are 'at the top of their game'.

Attracting more than 700,000 visitors, the Perth International Arts Festival is a high-energy event that uses all sorts of venues including concert halls and theatres, to parks and old buildings. One of the main goals of this festival is to engage the largest population possible. It does this by satisfying the desires of traditional art festival audiences through the presentations and exhibits from world-class artists. It also attracts those who do not usually attend art festivals through very accessible programming.

The festival strives to commission world-class artists, and as such, international artists are drawn to participate in the festival. They perceive it as an outlet to let them create their best works. Additionally, new and emerging artists see it as an experience that will enrich their works through exposure to new audiences.

One interesting feature of the Perth International Arts Festival is the application of free and reduced pricing on tickets and admission. Organizers want to remove financial barriers that will allow more audience participation and exposure. In addition, digital technology is being used to remove physical spaces, as well as time barriers.


Vital Stages

New last year was the Vital Stages platform. This new opportunity allowed local artists to participate in the festival for the next few years. Vital stages let artists directly participate in the presentation and creation of work. It also presented master classes, professional development classes, workshops and much more.


About Perth

The city of Perth is very charming and has many attractions for visitors. Take some time out from your Perth International Arts Festival experience and explore the many sights and sounds of Perth.

Explore Kings Park with its many trails that will lead you through bushland, as well through pristine, manicured gardens. If you have children in your group, they will absolutely love a visit to the Perth Zoo. With more than 200 animal exhibits, you'll be able to see them up close and in their true environments.

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