The Fairbridge Festival

The exciting festival showcasing some of the most vibrant world and folk music is held at Fairbridge Village, just outside of Pinjarra in Western Australia. Every year in April, this popular event is opened to families, friends and music lovers, who descend on the region for a weekend of camping, music and fun.

About the Festival

The historic site of Fairbridge village has camping for everyone but if camping is not really your cup of tea, then the nearby town of Pinjarra has some holiday cottages and holiday chalets for rent during the festival.

The popularity of the festival has grown in leaps and bounds and in 2015, the Fairbridge Festival will be celebrating its 23rd year.

The festival started out life as the brain child of a small group of dedicated individuals who were brought together by their love of folk music and their dream to create events where the entire community can get involved and come together. Even though the festival is held in a sparsely populated area of Western Australia, it becomes the perfect destination for a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, and to be out in the fresh country air.


Fairbridge Village

The location of Fairbridge Village is a perfect place to host a music festival, right in the heart of the Australian bush, with some of the most spectacular views over the Darling Escarpment, just an hour’s drive south of Perth. The natural bush land around Fairbridge, a site that dates right back to the 1900s, is literally transformed as the music festivities begin. The music showcases some of the finest genres including folk, blues, acoustic, Celtic, a capella, folk and world music.

Fairbridge village is home to their historic church, which also dates right back to the beginning of the 20th century, and during the week of the festival, the Church comes alive with a Sunday morning Gospel session, and becomes the perfect location for an a cappella extravaganza, as the building fills with some of the most talented singers.


Festival Schedule

The exciting music festival schedule has a terrific line up featuring some of the top interstate, home grown and international artists. There are activities and attractions for everyone, with street theatre, exciting workshops, poetry, and lively and festive vibrant markets. Basically, there’s a ton of exciting entertainment for the whole family to enjoy together.

Catering for all ages, the festival hosts the largest children’s programme not seen anywhere else in the country, and even though the festival has grown so much in the last two decades, it has still remained true to its original vision, and maintains its reputation as a fun filled family event, and continues to attract top artists and musicians, who line up for applications to be part of the line up.

There is a spacious area that accommodates some 5000 people who come from far and wide to book holiday accommodation, holiday rentals and of course pop up their tents and camp for weekend of fun and festivities.


*Banner Image from Marg O'Connell

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