The Best Beaches are in Fiji

Families, honeymooners and couples embark to the Fiji Islands to explore some of the world's most luxurious beaches, including Long Beach and . Blue-green waters, crystal white sands and "island time" allows for sunset walks, seaside recreation and the ability to relax in the stunning Pacific Ocean.

By Matt Pruys

Fiji is located just south of Asia in the dense blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. There are a total of 322 islands in this obviously scattered country full of mountainous terrain. However, many natives tend to live on on the main islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, and only 110 of the isles are actually inhabited. The most common languages include Fijian, Fiji Hindu and English.

Natadola Island

Although Fiji's main island - known as Viti Levu - isn't exactly known for its beaches, many people consider Natadola Island the exception to the rule. Many major hotels are popping up along this quiet isle, leading several travel experts to agree that Natadola Island should become one of the most popular holiday areas soon. Here the entire family can enjoy great amenities like body surfing, swimming and snorkeling.

Yasawa Island

Holidays here can feel quite exotic and unique from other travel destinations in Fiji, as the isle is covered with big black rocks and waves, which are rarities in many Fijian beaches. However, there is also one long strip of sand in the northernmost area of the island for more traditional beach activities.

Matamanoa Beach

Matamanoa Beach, which is located in the Mamanuca Islands, is one of the most secluded and small areas in Fiji, making this a great destination for any traveller who really wants to go off the grid. The name Matamanoa literally means to "feast on the eyes," so expect to see oceanfront locales that are second-to-none.

Matana Beach

Located on Kadavu Island, Matana Beach is a great destination for travellers who want to see unique island vegetation. The isle is dotted with coral reefs - the perfect sight for snorkelers. However, Matana Beach is best known for its lush tropical gardens.

Liku Beach

Another popular Mamacuca Islands destination is Liku Beach. Located on the western end of Tokoriki Island, Liku Beach has a unique meaning in the native language that is translated into "Sunset Beach."

Long Beach

If long walks in the sand are your favorite activity during a beach holiday, Long Beach is the perfect spot for you. This is Fiji's longest beach - it spans several kilometres - and is located along the northern shore of Kadavu Island.

Volivoli Beach

Want to combine your beach holiday with some mountainous views? On the very northern tip of Viti Levu and just a few kilometres from Rakiraki lies Volivoli Beach, a strip of delicate sands and deep lagoons. However, the true star of this location is the spectacular view of Viti Levu's peaks.

Mana Island

As one of the Mamanuca Islands, this paradise has beaches on both sides, but many travellers with refined taste prefer the southern end. Mana Island is so popular, there are a variety of Fiji hotel alternatives to choose from while staying here.

Prince Charles Beach

As the name suggests, this strip of sand is so great, it was even fit for royalty. Prince Charles of England took a swim in one of the lagoons here, hence the name. Located on Taveuni Island, this is actually one of three excellent beaches here, which are all connected to one another.

Nanuyalailai Island

This lovely island is one of three isles in the Yasawa Island chain. However, what makes it different is its long coastline that wraps completely around the peninsula. Here you can take long walks and see some magnificent views of the other islands in the chain.

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