Things to Do in Pattaya

Located on the gorgeous Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is one of the country's premier beach cities, inviting both expatriates and tourists galore. Islands dot along the shore and popular roads feature exciting nightlife activities, museums and scores of amazing attractions. If you're going on holiday, think about booking a rental right on the beach or within the thriving city centre—just pick a spot close to the attractions that intrigue you the most.

Play Around in the Parks

The city's parks and zoos represent some of the best things to do in Pattaya on family holidays. The Sri Racha Tiger Zoo is home to stunning Bengals, crocodiles, pigs and dogs. The Elephant Village in South Pattaya is a wonderfully authentic experience, showcasing roundup and training techniques, plus the Glong Sabad Chai drum ceremony. For something a bit more active, pick a rental close to Pattaya Park Beach Resort Water Park, ideal on those sweltering days when you want to play. For thrills and action, head to Funny Land Amusement Park for roller coaster heaven.

Explore the Outer Reaches of the Floating Market

Pattaya's Floating Market is absolutely amazing. Officially the Four Regions Floating Market, it is huge but conveniently split into four sections representing Thailand's own major regions. Enjoy an authentic experience by visiting local art galleries, clothing shops, food stalls selling Thai delicacies, and culture shows. Consider hiring a boat to take you to the four sections. It's a great way to get around the market, plus your driver can fill you in on the best shops.

See All of Thailand at Once at Mini Siam

Mini Siam is a charming treasure. It has scaled-down models of the country's biggest attractions, allowing you to technically visit the entire country while staying in Pattaya. The best part is that it's actually continental, as Mini Europe is right there as well. However, you won't just get a taste of Europe, as it features some of the most impressive sights from Australia, the United States and other countries as well.

Embrace Your Spirituality at Sanctuary of Truth

Pattaya is home to many of Thailand's most beautiful and peaceful temples, but Sanctuary of Truth, or Wang Boran, makes the top pick on many travellers' lists. The structure is entirely wooden and it houses sculptures celebrating many traditional motifs and aspects of Buddhism and Hinduism. They're hand-carved and stunningly lovely, evoking peace and tranquility. The temple itself embodies ancient visions of knowledge, philosophy and the earth itself. When you need to centre yourself, here you will find your truth.

Make the Most of Pattaya's Music Festivals

While Pattaya is like paradise all year, consider scheduling your trip around one of the many music festivals. Book your stay in March for the Pattaya International Music Festival on Bali Hai Pier and Beach Road. You'll hear traditional music from local Thai artists as well as many international favourites. October's another big month for music, owing to the genre-driven Classical Guitar Festival. For a truly authentic experience, come in the middle of April for Pattaya's Songkran, known as Wan Lai. It lasts for days and, in addition to music, you'll enjoy beauty pageants, traditional water throwing, fireworks and competitions.

Pattaya offers something for everyone, from the travelling lovers to the university student on holiday. Whether you enjoy food, music, culture or water sports, you'll find something worth staying for and an affordable rental property close by.


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