Best Theme Parks in Gold Coast

If it’s not the sun, the surf or the miles and miles of pristine coastline, it’s the Gold Coast’s big four theme parks that continue to attract millions of visitors to the region annually.

White Water World

The latest addition to the theme park family on the Gold Coast, White Water World currently lays claim to the world’s first and only eight lane waterslide racer. The B.R.O or Blue Ring Octopus sees riders career around 120 metres of winding tentacle like tracks and reaching speeds of up to 50 kmh.

If the B.R.O isn’t enough to get your juices flowing, your next stop has to be the Super Tubes HydroCoaster, an 18 metre high, 236 metre long track of pure exhilaration. This water based rocket features the latest in waterslide technology, propelling riders through terrifying turns, surprise drop-offs and the steepest of inclines all in the name of heart-pumping entertainment. This 28 second thrill ride is one of only two of its kind in the world and will leave you shocked, stunned and lining up for more.

The Green Room is the latest addition to White Water World that is really drawing the crowds in. A $1.5 million watery weapon of mass exhilaration designed to replicate surfing a massive tube, it towers 20 metres above the ground and filters riders from a 75 metre tunnel into a 15 metre funnel before dropping them out the bottom.

Just in case you haven’t had enough, the Super Tubes Hydro Coaster, The Rip and Cave of Waves will continue to keep you occupied while for the kids, the Little Rippers cannon bowl and Nickelodeon Pipeline Plunge will provide hours of entertainment.


Well before it became the home of Big Brother Australia, Dreamworld on the Gold Coast made its name as the home of the Big 5 Thrill Rides.

Here you can tackle The Tower of Terror, which propels you at 160kph up 38 stories in 7 seconds, The Giant Drop, the tallest free falling ride in the world or Wipeout, a five minute ride that will make you think you’ve just been dumped big wave riding in Maui.

Rounding out the Big 5 is the Cyclone, 13 stories and 1000 tons of roller coasting madness and The Claw, a first of its kind in Australia, 9 story high pendulum that thrusts thrill seekers a full 360 degrees at 75kph.

For the little ones Wiggles World is a must see, with the Big Red Car, Captain Feathersword’s Ship and Dorothy’s Tea Cup Ride all featuring.

After all this excitement, Tiger Island provides you with some much needed quiet time and gives you the rare chance to observe the strength and beauty of Dreamworld's own spectacular Bengal tigers.

Arguably Australia’s favourite theme park, Dreamworld is easily accessible being just an hour's drive south of Brisbane or a quick bus ride from the Gold Coast.

Wet n Wild

The name says it all when it comes to Australia’s biggest water theme park, Wet n Wild on the Gold Coast.

The first stop for most is the Kamikaze, a unique combination wet/dry attraction and the first of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Water spray jets provide a seamless surface on the giant U-shaped slide as rafts are channelled furiously to the bottom. Thrill seekers won’t be able to get enough of this latest addition, as riders plunge down a steep 11m drop at an angle of 70 degrees, creating an almost zero gravity like feel. Reaching speeds of up to 50kph, ride this one if you dare!

Action is also a plenty in the newly opened H2O Zone where the Tornado, the Black Hole and the Mach 5 thrill rides will keep your heart firmly planted in your throat!

Whitewater Mountain is a must for the whole family. Here you ride 150 metres down one of four whitewater flumes to the splashdown pool below. If this doesn’t push your buttons, you can hit the swell at the Giant Wave Pool where the surf is always up.

The Billy Lids will love Buccaneer Bay aquatic adventure playground with its many activities and giant water tipping bucket drenching all the little hearties below.

If you’re a nocturnal water goer, you can enjoy a swim when the sun goes down or jump in and catch one of the latest blockbuster movies in the Dive-in Movie arena.

Sea World

One of the first theme parks established on the Gold Coast, Sea World has long been a huge attraction for people of all ages.

One of the major drawcards is Shark Bay, a chance to get up close and personal with these magnificent and mysterious creatures of the deep. Featuring the world's largest man-made lagoon system for sharks, Shark Bay is home to some of the most awe-inspiring of the species. Viewable from a spectacular two-level exhibit, sharks can be seen from either an above or below water perspective; three 10 x 3 metre windows allow guests to come face to face with the toothy terrors, stingrays and a range of tropical fish.

Visitors can interact with the water life by heading into the touch pool, going for a snorkel, or for the really game, going for a supervised dive with the big fellas in the Shark Lagoon.

After the serenity of observing the sharks in Shark Bay, visitors could be forgiven for wanting a stiff shot of adrenalin and Sea World’s range of rides are just the ticket.

Names such as Jet Rescue, the Corkscrew Rollercoaster and the Bermuda Triangle are sure to get the heart racing, while for the kids the Grand Central Train Tour and the newly added Sesame Street Beach are sure to keep them amused.

Whether it’s action, adventure, relaxation or just pure entertainment, the Big 4 theme parks have it all. Easily accessible from Surfer’s Paradise, there are plenty of Gold Coast accommodation options available close to the entertainment precinct.

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