Holidaying in the Bunya Mountains

Australians have been gathering in the Bunya Mountains for outdoor adventure for decades. Just a 3-hour drive from Brisbane will put you right in the heart of the peaks here, making this an ideal weekend getaway for anyone wanting to relax in a truly gorgeous mountain atmosphere.

Everything from grasslands, sweeping views of the Queensland countryside, unique and colourful wildlife and enthralling Aboriginal culture are are just waiting to be explored here.

How to Get There

There are five main access points to Bunya Mountains National Park, from Nanango to Yarraman, and with the massive mountains in the background, they will be easy to spot. However, the main hub near the park is Dandabah, which is an excellent place for a Bunya Mountain accommodation.

A Little History

The Bunya Mountains were fantastically formed during the Jurassic period, and until European settlers came to the shores of Australia in the 18th century, this land was a sacred ground for Aboriginal culture. The rare Bunya pines - massive trees with pine cones the size of cannon balls - caught the eye of several milling capitalists during the 19th century, but in 1908, the Australian government intervened and made the area the nation's second-oldest national park.

Plenty of Outdoor Activity

There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure at Bunya Mountains National Park, including swimming in Coomba Falls, fishing in one of three dams, horse and cart rides through Dandabah - the main settlement of the area - and several bushwalking tracks throughout the park.

There is a National Parks and Wildlife Service located in Dandabah that can help you find the perfect trail based on your age and skill level. All in all, this massive area covers 11,700 hectares, so there is bound to be a place perfect for your thongs or boots, whatever suits you.

World-Renowned Birdwatching

If you are a fan of our feathered friends, end the search for your holiday now, because it doesn't get much better for birdwatching. Feeding wild birds became an attraction here in the 1970s, as these creatures provide many vital tasks in protecting the mountains' ecosystem. Some of the most beloved birds to spot here are Australian king parrots and crimson rosellas, among others. If you decide you want to feed these colourful winged creatures, make sure to wear long sleeves and a hat to prevent scratching. This is an experience that you will definitely write home about!


*Banner Image from Sherwin Huang

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