Tasmania Holidays

Tasmania holidays will whisk you away in the spectacular surroundings of the bush, mountain tops, Tasman Sea and the untouched historical places one must visit. Tasmania holidays are a great way to connect with the true wonders of Mother Nature.

Unlimited Unique Attractions

Tasmania is a stunningly beautiful, pristine island state that boasts vast, untouched landscapes from top to toe. The hardest part about your Tasmania holiday is selecting where you want to visit and what you would like to see, as there is much on offer. Three memorable and diverse places one must experience while embarking on a Tasmania holiday is the Cadbury Factory, the Port Arthur Jail and a visit to the Lavender Farm.


Cadbury Factory

Chocolate lovers this is your chance to not only stuff your pockets with chocolates as you tour the Cadbury Factory near Hobart, you can also purchase chocolates at a discount price and gather plenty of treats to take home. During the delicious guided tour discover the secret of how Cadbury make their chocolates taste so good!


Port Arthur

From 1833 Port Arthur welcomed the worst offending British and Irish criminals. Port Arthur Jail was renowned for some of the toughest security measures. The Prison was abandoned in 1877 and in 1979 was declared a tourist destination. With the haunted past of the historical site, Ghost Hunters International in 2009 declared the site as haunted when they encountered several supernatural experiences. For those entranced by historical sites, Port Arthur is a must when on your Tasmania holiday. Spend an afternoon taking in the natural beauty of the area and after dark you can brace yourselves yourself or go on a guided tour.


Lavender Farm

Walk through the endless lavender plants and breathe easy amongst the calming aroma. Learn how Lavender is made into oils, creams and delicious treats. Why not pack a picnic and enjoy it surrounded by the views of the lavender farm and century old oak trees. Relax at an onsite café as you lookout onto the fields. And on your way home, take a look at the many handmade lavender products and local arts and crafts displayed.


Surfing In Tasmania

Surfers don’t despair, Tasmania challenges you to surf its cool, undiscovered water too. Local surfing spots include Bruny Island, Scamander, the Tasman Peninsula and Marrawah. International Surfing events, local surf classes and schools are held by local surfing enthusiasts that promote friendly competition.


Tasmania’s Natural Beauty

View nature at its most glorious and see the relatively untouched scenic surroundings that will leave you speechless. Renowned for the most mountainous state in Australia and even receiving snow in the cooler months on the highest mountain tops, other areas are more flat and utilised for agriculture. Be sure to visit the multitude of waterfalls in Tasmania, with more than twenty across the Island State. There is plenty to see from cascading streams to a burst of water flooding over the rocky mountains. Take your camera and a notebook to catch those inspirational moments.


Staying in Tasmania

The beauty of Tasmania is the warm and friendly atmosphere harboured from the locals. Enjoy prime locations with Tasmania holidays by staying in a holiday rental. Privately owned holiday rentals gives you the unique experience of Tasmania and the special privileged to feel what it would be like to live in the 26th largest Island State in the world.


Holiday Accommodation in Tasmania

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