Best Bushwalking Locations in Victoria

Heading out into the wilderness is one of the greatest pastimes for Australians, and with the rolling hills and challenging terrain that Victoria provides, it should come as no surprise that many travellers with daredevil spirits flock to the region.

Are you concerned that you may not be experienced enough for the trails in Victoria? You needn't worry, as there are walks that are suitable for novices as well as seasoned veterans. With Victoria's numerous national parks and kilometre after kilometre of wild earth, you are sure to find the path that is right for you.

Tali Karng at Alpine National Park

One of the the most hallowed and ancient areas in all of Australia is Tali Karng, and it is well-respected by adventurers as one of the hidden gems of Alpine National Park. Evidence of some of the earliest tribes of Aboriginal people can be found here, including stone tools and an ancient system of pathways.

The trail to get to Tali Karng is approximately 9 kilometres, which is quite the jaunt, but the gradient is gentle. However, if you want a longer but easier bushwalk, an alternate route from Nyimba Camp to the site can be attained on the Riggall Spur and Echo Point tracks. This route is an easier grade, but does have some river crossings, so use caution.

Keep in mind that Tali Karng is considered a sacred place for Aboriginal people, especially the lakes, so treat the park with care.

Woodlands Historic Park

If you want to fit in a quick bushwalk while you are visiting in Melbourne, then Woodlands Historic Park is the place for you. The trail will only take you an hour to complete, and the paths here are gentle, so this is an easy getaway from the hub bub of the city that is perfect for kids. Woodlands can also give you a special glimpse into the history of Melbourne, as the park houses a 150-year-old homestead, perfect for history buffs. The "Back Paddock" here is also a prime spot for seeing kangaroos and feathered friends.

The Eastern Track at Great Otway National Park

Clear your calendar day for this trail, as it is one of the most challenging - albeit rewarding - trails in Great Otway National Park. In all, the trail is around 13 kilometres, and the walk grade is medium, so you will need around four hours to complete the trek. Because it is located on coastal cliffs, there really isn't a bad time to bushwalk through here, either. If you like to feel especially accomplished when you reach a summit, then this trail is for you, as the truly breathtaking views of ocean are below once you reach the top.

The Gables Lookout on the Great Ocean Walk

While there are many ways to view the crashing waves along the Great Ocean Walk, the sights from the top are usually best. Although the walk is relatively easy, you can expect to stand on one of the highest sea cliffs in mainland Australia. This is also an ideal spot for animal lovers, as you can easily spot whales from June to September (their migration period) from the top of the lookout.

Wilderness Coast Walk in Gippsland

You probably don't need another reason to visit Gippsland, as it is one of the most popular spots in the country for adventure travellers. Because the Wilderness Coast Walk traverses its way through declared wilderness area, much of this green space has been completely restored to its natural state. If you've ever wanted to truly feel like and explorer, then this is the bushwalk for you.

Be advised: This trail is not for the timid. You will experience fallen trees, river crossings and thick groves that may be a breeze for experienced walkers, but may present challenges for newbies. Since the trail is restored, many of the signs have vegetation growing over them, so keep a lookout for them. Bring your camera, because the coastal views here are to die for.

Sherbrooke Falls Trail

If you want a quiet and peaceful walk where you can take your time and maybe even enjoy a picnic, the Sherbrooke Falls Trail is an excellent trek to consider. The distance is only around 1.2 kilometres, but the little space that you do have here packs a punch. This path winds through ancient ferns as well as sassafras and mountain ash, some of which are centuries-old. Most of the trail is flat, so this could be an excellent way to spend the day with your little ones.

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