Family Holidays in Bali

Bali is a unique, unforgettable paradise retreat that is ideal for families. Family holidays in Bali are the perfect choice, due the amazing variety of different activities and attractions to choose from - there is sure to something for everyone in Bali.

Explore The Thrilling, Exciting Underwater World

There is a whole thrilling and exciting underwater world just waiting to be explored below the crystal clear ocean waters. Family holidays in Bali can be spent exploring this world that is filled with colourful fish, coral reefs and breath-taking sea turtles. Numerous scuba diving and snorkelling schools can teach novice divers how to explore these underwater expanses safely,  while experienced divers can rent equipment and explore at their own pace.

Unwind at a Spa Retreat

Massages and spa treatments really allow the body to relax and unwind. Bali has numerous spas located all along the coast that are just waiting for you your family to enjoy. Allow talented and trained professionals to work out all the aches and pains, while you forget about the stresses of everyday life. All this while soaking in the sensational views that Bali has to offer! 

Experience Canyoning!

Family holidays in Bali wouldn't be complete without experiencing the amazing sport of canyoning. This sporting activity is ideal for the thrill seekers in the family - imagine taking a rope and repealing down a cliff! This is exactly what this extreme sport involves. A tour guide will take the entire family to some of the most amazing spots in Bali and allow you to go canyoning down cliffs, hillsides, and waterfalls. It really is an experience that will last a lifetime.

Take In The Local Sights While Looking For Exotic Birds

The beautiful and breath-taking wildlife areas of Bali are ideal for families that wish to really see the local sights and culture up close and personal. There are numerous nature preserves and wildlife areas that have been untouched for centuries. You will love walking through the trails and really getting a chance to see some of the most exotic birds in Bali.


For a chance to really catch a breath-taking view of Bali, families can travel to the Jatiluwih. The Jatiluwih has beautiful views of the local rice terraces, amazing mountain views and the chance for families to see local exotic birds up close and personal.

Embrace the Local Culture

Families looking to really embrace the local culture of the island of Bali will want to consider taking part in the local surf camp. There are a number of camps that are ideal for both the novice and experienced surfer, and offer the chance to surf like the locals do!


Staying in one of the many holiday rentals in Bali will really enhance your holiday experience. These holiday rentals allow the entire family to feel like they are staying in a home away from home. The private kitchens allow you to create favourite, home-cooked meals that are just like back home, while the private bedrooms and entryways make it feel less like a hotel stay and more like you are coming home after a long day of adventuring throughout Bali.

Family Friendly Bali Accommodation

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