Fishing in Exmouth

Exmouth is a small town in Western Australia, well-known for its proximity to the Cape Range National Park and its spectacular stretch of beaches that welcome a number of exhilarating water sports and activities. The clear waters, nearby reef, and calm waves make Exmouth a wonderful fishing destination, and the area offers many other remarkable activities for everyone.

Fishing Information

Fishing in Exmouth is a highly sought-after activity for people of all ages and skill levels. There are many opportunities present in the area, and you can enjoy fishing from the shore or out on the water in a boat. Boat rentals are available, along with fishing tours. In addition, visitors can experience game fishing, reef fishing, fly fishing, and other types of fishing options.

Fishing Tours

Many fishing charters and tours offer their services in the Exmouth area, featuring a range of amenities, such as fishing equipment, complimentary lunch, and more. Private charters are available, and you can choose how long they want to travel on the water, with charters ranging from a few hours to full day trips. While fishing, you will likely see a variety of interesting species, and you can enjoy squid fishing or mud crabbing, too.

Choosing to hire a fishing charter company may provide many benefits for your getaway. These charters know where to take you and where the best places to catch fish are. In addition, there are certain areas along the Ningaloo Reef where fishing is not allowed, so hiring a guide can help you navigate if you don't know the area.

What to See

The waters along Exmouth's beaches are home to numerous fish and marine species. Popular species caught in the area include coral trout, northwest snapper, and blue bone, and along parts of the Ningaloo Reef, people often catch marlin, mackerel, and sail fish. There are countless other species in the area and enjoying a fishing charter can give you the opportunity to view additional natural spectacles such as ocean rocks and stunning scenery.

Cooking Your Catch

Cooking up what you catch is easy in Exmouth. Holiday rentals offer spacious, affordable accommodations with full kitchens, making it simple to cook or store your fish on your holiday. Guests can also find beach-side barbecue pits or you can cook out at one of the many parks in the area. Some fishing tour companies will teach and help you how to fillet and process your catch if you need a little extra help.

More in Exmouth

While travelling to Exmouth, there are plenty of additional activities to enjoy along with fishing. Guests can take part in many water activities, such as diving, swimming, and whale watching, and many people enjoy visiting the numerous national parks and hiking opportunities nearby. Tours, beaches, historical sites, and many other marvelous activities and places to visit are abundant, making for a fascinating and thrilling getaway.

Fishing in Exmouth is an amazing opportunity to take advantage of, and it is a great experience for everyone no matter the size of your group, your age, or your experience level. Taking the chance to go fishing in the area provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the sea, marvel at the scenery, and explore ocean life from the surface.

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