Royal National Park

Located in New South Wales, Royal National Park is the world’s second oldest national park — second only to Yellowstone in Wyoming, USA. That means it has a great history behind it that you can explore.

Getting To and From the Park

There are three settlements included in Royal National Park — Maianbar, Bundeena, and Audley. Maianbar and Bundeena are accessed by road or ferry service from Cronulla. Audley is accessed by road from Waterfall, Otford, or Lotus. Plus, there are several railway stations if you don’t want to take your car. Once you’re there, you can get around by bike or walking. Royal National Park is just under an hour away from Sydney, too, so it is a great destination if you’re staying in a holiday rental nearby.

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Bushwalking in Royal National Park

Bushwalking is a popular thing to do in Royal National Park. One particular path you will enjoy is the walk to Jibbon Point from Bundeena. You get there by ferry and then the walk passes through several aboriginal ruins. There are rock platform carvings of sea creatures and artifacts left by the aboriginals about one hundred years ago. You also get to see caves where they lived and the general lifestyle. Additionally, you can see Sydney in the distance, reminding you how different life was in the area just a few years ago. Other bushwalking adventures include Bundeena Road to Marley, Bundeena to Little Marley Beach, Bungoona Path, Burning Palms Loop from Garawarra, and Coast Track (Otford to Bundeena).

Guided tours are also provided in Royal National Park by the “Discovery Rangers”. A specialist takes you and your family around the environment, filling your head with stories about the history. Some of the bushwalking trails are guided by the Discovery Rangers, too. You might even be lucky enough to get a private, guided tour.

Have a Picnic or Barbecue

There are several designated picnic areas in the park. One particularly great place to have a picnic is Allambie Flat. After you’re done eating, you can rent canoes, row boats, and paddle bikes to take out on the water. There is an adjacent boatshed to the picnic area for rentals. Other designated picnic areas include Bola Creek, Bonnie Vale, Bungoona Lookout, Currawong Flat, Wattle Forest, and Red Cedar Flat.

Where to Stay for Easy Access to the Park

If you’re taking a holiday to Royal National Park, you need a comfortable space to stretch out and relax after a fun day. That’s why you should consider a holiday rental in New South Wales. Not only does it give you more space than a hotel, but you can stay close to Royal National Park and not have to sleep on the ground like many tourists to the area. You also get access to a kitchen and several other unique amenities to your unit.

If you love nature, consider planning a holiday to Royal National Park today.


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