New Zealand in February

New Zealand holidays in February are a great way to end the summer with a fun-packed adventure filled with scenic landscapes and fascinating history lessons that make this island nation one of the most interesting, naturally beautiful places in the world.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Choosing a New Zealand holidays in February offers travellers endless outdoor activities and discovery with New Zealand’s craziest most thrilling attractions that will put a grin on your face and get your heart racing. For true thrill-seekers New Zealand is somewhat of a Mecca, with bungee-jumping, zorb-balling, sky-diving and base jumping. Imagine spending a day mountain biking through a rainforest or white water rafting in Queenstown.

Or if you would prefer to experience the tranquillity that New Zealand holidays have to offer, why not pack up a picnic and follow an Auckland Walking Tours. Winner of Global tourism awards, TIME Unlimited Tours will show you some of the most secluded, stunning spots in New Zealand with beautiful coastal views, untouched rainforests and amazing native wildlife.

Great Accommodation Options

New Zealand Holidays in February offer visitors a great time to enjoy what the country has to offer. One of the best ways to get the most out of your holiday, enjoy privacy and be located right by the action and a range of scenic locations is to choose a holiday rental. Stay in accommodation in the hill tops, along the river or near the beach. Whatever type of holiday you are seeking, such as coastal, mountain views or streams and river outlooks New Zealand Holidays has it all. Holiday rentals are an alternative to the usual accommodation, providing their own unique and special touch.

New Zealand’s Most Important Place

February is special to New Zealanders due to the history around the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi which saw New Zealand become part of the British Empire. The Treaty also ensured Maori rights to their native land. To really learn more about this important moment in the countries history, travelling to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds ensures an unforgettable cultural experience. Follow a guided tour through the Treaty House and watch a cultural performance on special days. Witness the spectacular carvings and beautiful gardens that overlook the Bay of Islands.

Enjoy The Natural Beauty Of New Zealand

For truly spectacular sight-seeing, Lake Rotorua, north of Auckland, was formed long ago as the result of eruptions from the Taupo volcanic zone. For a unique and exciting look into the volcanic zone, Rotorua is a great February destination where visitors can see the steam and mud pools and hear the roar from below as water sprays 100 feet into the air.

Make New Zealand your next holiday destination. New Zealand is a popular country to visit due to its scenic landscapes and wonderful culture. Experience New Zealand holidays in February and enjoy summer while soaking up the sun on the stunningly beautiful beaches and outdoor activities. Fun for all ages and many attractions are provided for thrill seekers, couples and kids. New Zealand Holidays in February will ensure you enjoy sunny weather and a relaxed summery atmosphere surrounded by natural beauty and rich history.

New Zealand Accommodation

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