Star Wars Inspired Rentals

Holiday in a galaxy far, far away

Bright Tree Village, Endor - Home of the Ewoks

Vine-swinging from tree house to tree house, the cuddly-warrior Ewoks brought down the Galactic Empire with their primitive weapons of bows and arrows and rocks. These tree-dwelling rebels, far removed from technology and civilization, dwelled on a planet called Endor. To live the life of an Ewok, adventure and nature are key. Located in the Limon Province of Costa Rica, these two-story tree houses pays tribute to the Ewoks with its off the grid jungle living and zip lining activities to get you where you need to go.

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Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen’s house, Tatooine

In a harsh desert world on the Outer Rim on Tatooine, a planet where locals farm moisture for a living we are introduced to a young Jedi that will eventually bring balance to the force. It is here where Luke was raised on the Lar’s family farm. It’s only fitting for any young padawan searching to recreate Luke’s upbringing to venture into Egypt and inhabit this house constructed to protect from nature’s elements. The similarities stop there though, as the 2-bedroom“Turtle Holiday Home” is situated in a tourist resort off of the Egyptian Red Sea Coast with activities such as golf, kite surfing and Turkish baths that would surely make Luke consider this a major upgrade.

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Cloud City, Bespin - Home of Lando Calrissian

Floating high above the clouds of Bespin is the glass and plasteel metropolis of Cloud City. Lando Calrissian serves as the colony’s dashing Baron Administrator, a stylish and effective ruler who leads with a smile. London’s mix of culture and commerce perfectly suit Lando’s sophisticated style. This penthouse, with floor-to-ceiling windows offer breathtaking views of the London skyline that rival any on Bespin, and it's ultramodern interiors are the perfect counterpart to the understated luxury of Cloud City. Just be sure to watch out for Darth Vader… we hear he’s partial to modernist décor.

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Millenium Falcon - Home of Hans Solo and Chewbacca

Acquired in a fateful game of sabacc, this lightning-fast modified light freighter is where Han Solo and his co-pilot, the faithful and legendary Chewbacca make their home while traveling across the galaxy. Frequent malfunctions on the Falcon have landed the ship and its crew in remote outposts and city centers alike. When needing a break from smuggling cargo and outrunning Imperial ships, this Millennium Falcon lookalike rental in Golden Bay, New Zealand features beach access and a functioning hatch.

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