Wine Tours

Australia is a beautiful and picturesque country. You may already know that this area of the world is a nice place to travel for holiday for a beach getaway, to see natural elements or to enjoy peace and quiet. What you may not know is that Australia also has some of the best wine country in the world. Take some time to explore the beautiful wine regions of the country.

Explore Swan Valley

Swan Valley is a wonderful place to start your wine tours in Australia. Swan Valley is in the Perth area, known for its beauty and temperate climate. Wine tours in Swan Valley range from those for the serious wine enthusiast who enjoy talking to the local winery owner to those tours that are catered to casual wine tasters.

On tours in Swan Valley, you can sample local wines, while also enjoying gourmet cheeses, chocolates and other local eats. The wineries in the Swan Valley area have won awards for years, making this a great place to stop on your holiday.

Visit Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is the oldest wine producing area of the country. The wineries are set in the country, about 90 minutes from the main cities. However, the drive to get to the wineries is well worth the time. Visit Ernest Hill Winery if you prefer an old-time feel and a personal experience. Or, for a more modern wine production scene, stop by Leo Gate.

The best time of the year to come to Hunter Valley is the summer months, when the days are warm and the evenings are cool. Summer is also the harvest season, so you can see local wineries harvest their vineyards.

Make a Stop at Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley has an ideal climate and diverse soil. This makes the Yarra Valley region one of the most productive wine regions in Australia. Because of the diverse soil, the area is able to produce many different types of wines.

On wine tours, sample chardonnay, pinot noir, and sauvignon blanc. Plus, there are over 100 wineries in the valley, so you can definitely spend your entire holiday here enjoying the wineries and the beautiful scenery. Sixty of the wineries in the area also open their cellars to the public, making for interesting winery tours.

Enjoy Nearby Activities

After taking a tour of local wineries, you may wish to enjoy some of the other activities the area has to offer. Relax after a long day of tours at a local day spa by getting a massage or a pedicure. Or take a hot air balloon ride to see the vineyards from another point of view. You may also enjoy hiring bicycles and taking in the sites by bike while enjoying the fresh air.

Stay in Holiday Rentals

While visiting wineries in Australia, choose holiday rentals for your accommodations. There are many rentals near most of the vineyards, making it easy for you to get to and from the different vineyards. There’s also plenty of space at the holiday rentals for your family to spread out and to enjoy your time together.

Feel free to purchase some wine and fine cheese on one of your wine tours to bring back to your holiday rental. Sip on some wine, watch the sunset and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

A visit to Australia’s wine country should certainly be on the holiday list. Bring the family or come for a relaxing romantic getaway.