Wineries and Craft Breweries Along Great Ocean Road

Travellers visiting the Great Ocean Road who consider themselves beer lovers or winos rejoice: There are plenty of options for your refined palettes. You're here and you're on holiday, so why not taste your way around the coastline? The temperate climate and ocean breezes of Victoria make for some pretty spectacular views, but also more excellent avenues for sipping and swirling than you can imagine.

Geelong Wine Region

There may be volcanic plains and surfing coasts around here, but make no mistake - this is a cool climate region, making it the perfect setting for varietals of all kinds. Geelong was once the largest winery region in Victoria during the 19th century, and it has undergone a renaissance in recent years. Although you can taste wine of all sorts here, the most popular grapes are chardonnay and shiraz.

Henty Wine Region

This area is known for its cheese, lamb, beef, seafood and yes, vino. Many of the wines here have been compared to European varietals from Burgundy and the Rhine Valley, boasting delicious vintages of riesling, pinot noir and chardonnay. Make sure to have a feast with all of that wine, as the dining options here are nothing short of spectacular.

Craft Brewing

Victoria has a stellar reputation for making some pretty amazing beer as well. Microbreweries are taking off worldwide, and visitors to the region will clearly see that this area is no different. The sparkling waters of the Otway rainforest are perfect for making some of the best beers in Australia. Perhaps the most revered along Great Ocean Road is Forrest Brewing Company - a brother and sister team that has been earning plenty of buzz from beer experts all over Australia. This independently owned, family-run business always has four standard brews on tap that are paired up with locally sourced cuisine for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

There are plenty of reasons to eat, drink and be merry while visiting the Great Ocean Road. Check out all of these locations while in Victoria and toast to a great holiday.

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