Holidays in January

There are a few special days in the calendar that allow us to break free from routine: public holidays. These lovely days off from work provide the chance to celebrate with family and friends—and are also a great reason to travel. Instead of letting the next holiday pass without leaving home, why not book a holiday rental and celebrate in style? The following January holidays are a great time to get away.

Why Travel in January?

After the (sometimes) busy Christmas season, many people could use a holiday to relax. Not only are people ready to unwind in January, but the kids are off from school as well. This means that accommodation will often be booked far in advance, so don’t wait to reserve your dream holiday rental.

New Year's Day

Each year kicks off with a public holiday celebrated across the country, New Year’s Day. When New Year’s Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the public holiday is recognized on the following Monday. Get your year off to the right start by spending it somewhere memorable with friends and family.

Australia Day

Historically celebrated across the country on January 26, Australia Day is the official national holiday of Australia. It has been known by several names throughout the years including Anniversary Day or Foundation Day and is recognised a day to spend in the sun with friends and family, enjoying a barbeque or relaxing on the beach, listening to music.

Why not mix up your Australia Day routine this year and bring that family picnic or barbeque to a new location? With the kitchen of a holiday rental you can still prepare a feast for family and friends. Plus, it can be interesting to check out how different destinations celebrate with parades, concerts, and citizenship ceremonies.

Where To Travel In January

In most of the country, January is the hottest month of the year, so the best place to be is comfortably near the water. However, tucked tight in the middle of summer, January is also a peak travel period, requiring a little finesse when it comes to travel planning (and avoiding crowds).

The beaches of Sydney and Melbourne will be bustling with activity while those looking for the whitest beaches in the country will check out Jervis Bay. Beyond sunbathing, there are a few other events that inspire January travel. If you love tennis, be sure to check out the Australian Open Grand Slam Tennis Tournament held in Melbourne Park. This event attracts the biggest names in tennis and is one of the four top tournaments of the entire year in tennis.

Different parts of the country celebrate Australia Day in their own way. If you’re looking for a big celebration, check out events held in Sydney. The Sydney Ferry Race is held each year (as part of the larger Sydney Festival) and coincides with Australia Day. One final event worth travelling for in January is the annual Country Music Festival, held in Tamworth, New South Wales.

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