Holidays in March

For Australians, March is a month full of fun, festivities and exciting events. March holidays are different across the country, mainly in how and when Labour Day is celebrated. Whether you travel for an annual event or to take advantage of a long weekend, March is a perfect time of year to escape the regular routine and getaway with family and friends.

Why Travel in March?

March is the first month of autumn in Australia, with warm temperatures giving way to cooler ones in the south of the country. In the tropical, northern part of Australia, warm temperatures continue along with rain. March is a popular time to travel for annual events and Labour Day celebrations. Also, many people who travel in January when schools are closed, are once again ready for a holiday.

Labour Day

Across Australia, Labour Day is celebrated in different names and at different times. The concept of the day is the same—it is celebrating workers rights and the achievement of certain working conditions such as the 8-hour day. In Western Australia it is held on the first Monday in March. In Victoria it is held on the 2nd Monday in March. The equivalent holiday, called 8-Hour Day is held on the 2nd Monday in March in Tasmania.

Adelaide Cup

The Adelaide Cup is a public holiday in South Australia only. This annual thoroughbred horse race, with its huge cash prize, is held in Adelaide at the Morphettville Racecourse. This two-mile race dates back to the 1860s and is not only widely attended, but is watched on TV throughout the country. The event is so big, that it has been declared a public holiday in South Australia. It is a great excuse to travel to Adelaide and experience the festivities firsthand.

Moomba Festival

In addition to public holidays, March is also home to a variety of annual events. One of the most popular is the Moomba Festival held in Melbourne. This is the largest free community festival in the country and offers a range of entertainment including spectacular parades, fireworks, live concerts, carnivals, watersports, and more.

St. Patrick's Day

Although not a public holiday, many people in Australia look forward to the Irish National Holiday of St. Patrick’s Day, held each year on March 17th. Annual parades usually take place on the weekend closest to the 17th and feature marching bands, Irish-themed floats, plenty of fun costumes and a long night of fun.

Canberra Day

One public holiday held only in the Australian Capital Territory, is Canberra Day. The 2nd Monday of March each year commemorates the official naming of Canberra in 1913. This day also falls within the Canberra Festival, an annual nine-day event full of hot air balloons, concerts, dance performances, and special exhibitions within local galleries.

Where to Go in March

Temperatures are mild in the first month of autumn in New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, and in the southern part of Western Australia. Many people travel to the cities for holiday celebrations, while others enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the coast.

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