Holidays in May

Depending on where you are in Australia, May offers up a few special public holidays. Don’t let this day off work go to waste—plan ahead and book a holiday rental somewhere you can relax with family and friends. In addition to public holidays, there are also many popular events that can inspire travel throughout the country.

Why Travel in May?

May might be the month in Australia right before winter begins, but temperatures are still pleasant at an average high of 20 degrees. This weather is pleasant for a trip to explore the museums of Sydney or the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. May is also known as a month that doesn’t usually see much rain, making it ideal for daytrips and short trips outside of the cities.

Labour Day

In Queensland, Labour Day is celebrated in May. While other parts of Australia celebrate this holiday commemorating workers rights in March, Queensland celebrates on the first Monday in May. Celebrations are similar to ones held throughout the country and include parades and special memorials. Many families celebrate by getting together for a special meal. Keep your traditions alive, but try something new and celebrate in a different destination this year.

May Day

In the Northern Territory, May Day is a public holiday held on the first Monday in May. This day is essentially Labour Day by a different name. It celebrates many of the same concepts including the 8-hour day, workers rights, and the achievements of the Australian Labour Movement. There are a number of destinations worth visiting in the Northern Territory for their celebrations, including Alice Springs, Darwin, Kakadu, and more.


May festivals also provide a great excuse to travel. Many people look forward to the Captain Cook 1770 Festival held in Queensland. Located in the uniquely named town of 1770, this festival celebrates explorer Captain James Cook with amusement rides, a street parade, theatrical skits, and live entertainment. Another great festival is the Whaleshark Festival in Western Australia, coinciding with the time when Whalesharks return to Ningaloo Reef.

One final May festival is the Underwater Festival held in Byron Bay. This annual event provides a special gathering weekend for enthusiastic scuba divers and allows you to see amazing marine life, such as the picture above. A wide range of events are scheduled during this festival including children’s activities, underwater photography competitions, and more.

Where to Go in May

Destinations across Australia are appealing during the month of May. Beyond travelling for public holiday celebrations and festivals, the mild temperatures also inspire people to travel and make the most of any time off work. Short trips outside of cities to enjoy the great outdoors are popular, including holidays focused on hiking, biking, and scenic drives.

Fun options for May trips include scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef, wine tasting throughout Hunter Valley, hiking at Ayers Rock, or getting off the beaten path in Kakadu National Park. Make the most of your time off from work by choosing a holiday rental complete with a spacious living room and convenient amenities such as a private kitchen and laundry facilities.

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