Holidays in September

There are only a few months of the year that don’t contain public holidays—and September is one of them. Despite the lack of a three-day weekend, there are many events and festivals that could inspire a trip. Whether you’re interested in flower festivals or sports finals, there are exciting events across Australia in the month of September.

Why Travel In September?

September is the first month of the spring season in Australia. This means not only lovely weather and temperatures hovering around 20 degrees (in the south, it will be warmer in the north) but also the best time of year for wildflowers. Some travellers hit the hiking trails to see flowers in their natural habitat while others travel to attend impressive flower shows. Another good reason to travel in September is exciting final games in both soccer and rugby.


Australian National Flag Day

Although not a public holiday, one holiday in September is Australian National Flag Day. It is scheduled for the first Monday in November and is a day of celebration that commemorates when the national flag of Australia was first flown in 1901. This is a particularly festive day of the year throughout Australia.


Flower Festivals

After the chilly months of winter, flower festivals are celebrations full of color and new life. The first day of September is celebrated as Wattle Day, named after Australia’s national flower, the golden wattle. There are also many flower festivals, including Floriade in Canberra, the Perth Wildflower Festival, and the Bowral Tulip Time Festival in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.


The celebration of the spring bloom continues across the country. In Victoria, the wildflowers are magnificent at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Another beautiful event is the Carnival of Flowers, held in Toowoomba in Queensland. Before travelling, be sure to check the website of each individual event for details on tickets, prices, and special programs.


Sports Action

Sports fans are inspired to travel in September due to a large number of finals. Watch the culmination of a season of sport in the finals of the Australian Football League in Melbourne, or the National Rugby League in September. Travel for the game and stay a little longer to check out restaurants and nightlife.


Where To Go In September

Once the chilly winter days have passed, many travellers want to take advantage of the spectacular weather and get away. Destinations across the country are ideal for holidays, from the beaches in Queensland to the cities of the south. The pleasant weather is especially conducive to walking tours in cities like Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide.


If you’re interested in outdoor activities, this is the perfect season to hike or bike. Before the days get too hot, enjoy a trip hiking in the Blue Mountains National Park or wine tasting in the Hunter Valley. Complete your trip with a holiday rental, full of amenities including a private kitchen, laundry facilities, and extra space. Rentals make it possible to travel with a pet and bring your dog along on a an outdoor adventure. 


(image courtesy Jan Smith)

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