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  • Discovering Haleakalā National Park

    Haleakalā National Park on the Hawaiian island of Maui is Maui's only National Park and has more endangered species than any other site in the US National Park System.

  • Five must dos in Milan

    Before I visited Milan I had heard a number of folks who said that it wasn't their favorite Italian city. Too crowded with not enough attractions I was told.

  • Essential Athens

    Athens has seen its fair share of history, given that it’s one of the oldest cities in the world (7000 years!), and has lived through wars, invasions, occupations, coups – pretty much everything really. As you can imagine, all this time and history means t…

  • Fishing in Newcastle

    Newcastle is a fisherman's paradise. About 160 kilometres south of Sydney, this New South Wales city is situated at the mouth of the Hunter River. It's home to a wide array of natural and manmade attractions that lure visitors in, from majestic mountain vi…

  • Six Must Visit Italian Cities

    Planning a trip to Italy? Not sure where to head? Well, this is a country with a lot to offer, and the cities are no exceptions. Thousands of years of history, culture and art means that you’re never going to be short of something to do. In today’s post, I…

  • Best Bike Rides in Sydney

    Sydney is a sprawling city - the largest in Australia with arguably one of the most beautiful natural and cosmopolitan settings in the entire country. There are plenty of opportunities for adventure here, from water sports in the harbour to hiking paths th…

  • Bali Holidays

    Located between the Indian and Pacific oceans, Bali is one of the most exotic and unique holiday destinations that often flies under the radar, but is nonetheless a spectacular location for your next trip. This island has it all - family-family attractions…

  • Why You Should Visit the Abruzzo Region

    Tuscany. Chances are you’ve heard of this particular bit of Italy. Filled with cities like Florence and gorgeous landscapes, it’s a part of Italy that is well known, and well visited.

  • Sydney Holidays

    Choosing to venture out on a Sydney holiday will see you in a city that never sleeps and offers up a plethora of adventure, theatre, iconic tourist destinations as well as upmarket restaurants and shops. With a friendly, welcoming mix of high culture and r…

  • Destinations to Travel With Kids

    Family holidays needn't be flop-and-drop affairs in Bali or Fiji. Add a bit of spice to your family travel album with our top 10 overseas itineraries.