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  • Things to Do in McCrae

    As a charming coastal suburb of Melbourne in the Mornington Peninsula, McCrae is a perfect weekend getaway for anyone who loves history, charming eateries and a beautiful beach atmosphere. If you love the sea and relaxation, you will find a perfect holiday…

  • Mount Eliza

    Nestled between the larger hubs of Frankston and Mornington, Mount Eliza is a quiet and quaint alternative for a beach holiday along the Mornington Peninsula that includes loads of charm. The rugged seaside cliffs, unspoilt beaches and cosy bays make Mount…

  • Best Places to Surf

    Catch a wave in one of Victoria's best surf spots all year-round with this comprehensive guide to the state's most eligible surf beaches.

  • Great Southern Touring Route

    A road trip is a quintessential Australian experience, and the Great Southern Touring Route is an iconic destination for both locals and tourists. Combine the two and you've got a recipe for one of the most visually spectacular trips you'll ever take - and…

  • Take a Mini Break in Victoria

    Whether you want a holiday filled with gourmet treats and fine wine or action and adventure, you'll find it in Victoria. Spend a few days at one of the following spectacular destinations in the state to make the most of your next mini-break.

  • Bali Holidays

    Located between the Indian and Pacific oceans, Bali is one of the most exotic and unique holiday destinations that often flies under the radar, but is nonetheless a spectacular location for your next trip. This island has it all - family-family attractions…

  • Thailand

    Thailand is an ideal spot for a holiday, whether you're renting a villa for your honeymoon, taking a romantic journey with special someone or bringing the entire family along for a rich, cultural experience.

  • Day Trips to Tivua Island

    Families, honeymooners and couples embark to the Fiji Islands to explore some of the world's most luxurious beaches, including Long Beach and . Blue-green waters, crystal white sands and "island time" allows for sunset walks, seaside recreation and the abi…

  • Coffee in Bali

    As one of the premier foodie destinations in the world, Bali is a common holiday hotspot for Australians. One of the major reasons why so many travellers flock to this tropical paradise is due to the amazing java that is grown, harvested, poured and perfec…

  • Best Seafood Spots in Nelson Bay

    There's no shortage of pearls when you crack open the restaurant scene in Nelson Bay. Perched over the gorgeous waters of the bay, this oceanside locale cooks up fresh surf with equally tasteful vistas. Here are the must-eats for foodies in Nelson Bay: