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  • Top Sights and Attractions in Ireland

    Sitting on the edge of the wild Atlantic Ocean, the Emerald Isle, as Ireland is often affectionately known, has been a draw for visitors keen to explore the land of myth and legends for many years.

  • Top Sights and Attractions in Scandinavia

    Visitors to the historical region of Scandinavia will enjoy discovering unique cultures, natural wonders and urban environments offered by Sweden, Norway and Denmark - the three countries that make up the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe.

  • Venice - On and Off The Beaten Track

    Venice. It seems to be one of those cities that people either love or hate. I’ve visited multiple times, and am happy to report that I fall firmly into the love category. And I can tell you why that is, and how you can be sure to visit and fall in love wit…

  • Why You Should Visit the Abruzzo Region

    Tuscany. Chances are you’ve heard of this particular bit of Italy. Filled with cities like Florence and gorgeous landscapes, it’s a part of Italy that is well known, and well visited.

  • Wildlife of Sri Lanka

    One that thing really amazed me on my recent trip to Sri Lanka was the variety of wildlife available across the country’s many national parks – of which there are 100. In fact, Sri Lanka was the first recorded country in the world to set aside a region as …