Peruvian Foods You Must Try

From the Pacific coasts to the highlands of the Andes, Peru has the opportunity to shine through its array of flavorful dishes and insane amount of produce available. Peruvian cuisine fuses local dishes with influences from immigrants who've come from Asia, West Africa and beyond, allowing Peru to shine and offer a variety of impressive dishes including the famous ceviche- raw fish 'cooked' in lemon juices.

Papa a la Huancaina

A typical Creole dish, this is a starter course made with boiled potato. The potato is cut into wheels and is accompanied by a cream sauce (Huancaina) made with a base of artisanal cheese called queso fresco, yellow aji (pepper) which is native to this region, and oil.It’s usually served on a plate of lettuce with boiled egg and a few olives. A variation to this sauce is to add peanuts, which changes the flavor slightly-this is called Ocopa sauce.


The strong Chinese influence in Peruvian cuisine is due to the arrival of the Chinese laborers in the 1850’s who came to work in the silver mines and in guano pits , sugar, and cotton fields, and whom later stayed, infusing a style of cuisine that is still found all over the country and called Chifa.There are dozens of Chifa restaurants with a variety of fusion dishes, including sweet and sour chicken, always made with fresh pineapple and accompanied with white rice.


Another plate eaten as an appetizer, antichuchos are popular and inexpensive. Small pieces of grilled skewered meat are marinated in vinegar, salt, pepper, cumin, garlic and onions.Antichuchos go back to the 16th century in origin in Peru. While this dish can be made with any type of meat, the most popular parts are the beef heart. Look for any street cart to be grilling this dish up along with a side of boiled potato.


The most famous of Peruvian dishes, this commonly known dish is usually raw fish chopped and marinated with limes, onions, tomatoes, and served cold with sweet potato or corn.Another variation is created with the black clam from the north and gets its color from the tint of the clam.

Rocoto Relleno

A spicy appetizer dish with Rocoto being the type of pepper (one of the spiciest in Peru) and relleno meaning stuffed. The spicy pepper is hollowed out and stuffed with meat, pork, or seafood, and is finished off in the oven.

Pan con chicharron

This sandwich is delicious on freshly baked bread. Fried thin chunks of pork topped with slices of sweet potato and red onion typically served with spicy sauces made with aji. I’ve had some tasty pan con chicharrones in Lima.

Lomo Saltado

For most visitors to Peru, this might very well be their first dish. As well as being the most well known besides ceviche, this dish is served just about everywhere!A stir fry, this meat dish is created with spices and onions, tomatoes, soy sauce and vinegar and comes served with both white rice and French fries.


Fried guinea pig which can be served in its entirety or just in portions if you don't want to see all the bits of it! Make sure the skin is nice and crispy for the best flavor.

Masamorra Morada

A corn pudding purple in color, this after dinner treat is prepared first with the base of purple corn boiled with water (chicha), when this is ready you can add dehydrated ground potato and chunks of pineapple, raisins, and a stick of cinnamon or cloves.

Arroz con leche

Tradional rice pudding, easy to make and can be eaten cold or hot. Boiled cooked rice gets cinnamon, cloves, and sweetened condensed milk mixed in with raisins for a sweet treat. This dessert can also be topped with orange shavings.


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