5 Family friendly adventures on hawaii island

Hawaii Island, also known as the Big Island of Hawaii is filled with so many adventures it was hard to whittle them down to 5. Start with these 5 ideas and see where the path takes you!

Visit a living history farm & help make Portuguese sweet bread


At the Kona Living History Farm, you can wander through the farm store set up to look just as it did back when the first inhabitants lived in Kona. On Thursdays, arrive early and get a chance to help roll out Portuguese sweet bread- you'll smell it baking and when it's done you can purchase some to take on the road with you. The bread is still made in an outdoor oven just like the early Portuguese settlers did when they arrived in Kona. Get the whole family involved in the bread making process!


Portuguese sweet breadv2.jpg



Check out the crater vent after dark


Take a drive to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park & get there just after dark to see the Halema'uma'u Crater give off an orange glow. Watch the steam and marvel at this lava lake. On a clear night you can see stars, perhaps shooting stars as well. Park your car at the Jagger museum and walk the short distance to see this incredible wonder of nature. Bring a jacket as it can get chilly and your camera to capture some truly beautiful photos.



Hike through an ancient lava tube


Nothing is more exciting then hiking in the semi darkness through a lava tube- the Thurston lava tube is 500 years old and an easy hike. Stop along the way to admire the flora and fauna which are unique to Hawaii Island. Many of the plants have descriptions to see exactly what they are used for. Restrooms and water fountains are useful and it's easily accessible as the parking lot is close by. Drive up and see the lava tube in less than 30 minutes!



Relax with a picnic lunch at the beach


With so many different colored beaches on the big island, it's easy to find one and just relax. Search for seashells, swim with dolphins, build sand castles, and be sure to bring along your favorite plate lunch, such as poke (fresh fish) or bbq pork to enjoy while you listen to the waves. Spencer Beach State Park has a gentle beach which is perfect for swimming.



Chase some gorgeous waterfalls


Walk through some gorgeously lush vegetation to reach the Akaka falls. Another popular waterfall is Rainbow falls. Rainbow falls is stunning in the morning especially if you're looking to capture that shot with the rainbow in the waterfall.  Be sure to grab a map and some water along the way! There are so many more hikes and waterfalls to be explored so check to see which ones are in the direction you're headed in and don't be afraid to stop at the many viewpoints dotted all around the island as well.


There are so many more activities to be done on Hawaii's big island, from snorkeling to zip lining for the more adventurous. All sorts of adventures await you on this beautiful island, which due to the active volcanoes continues to grow every day. Discover a diverse culture and a prideful spirit which is the Aloha way- friendly encounters and fascinating history abound on Hawaii Island.

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