8 KL Foodie Experiences Not To Be Missed

Celebrating Malay, Indian, Chinese and Western cuisines, (amongst many others) Kuala Lumpur’s foodie scene is diverse and exciting. Jumping straight into the depths of street food however can leave unaccustomed tummies upset and spoil subsequent travel plans. So here we’ve devised a list of experiences to ease you into the noshing culture of Malaysia, minus the stomach woes.

An Introduction

Makan Kitchen – A great introduction to Malaysian cuisine is provided in this hotel buffet. Chinese, Indian, Malay and Sarawakian favourites are served in distinctly designed environments. Not only do guests get a taste for the variety of flavours found across the country, but too see differences in ambience and presentation.

Stalls and Steaks

Suzi's Corner – is one of the oldest groups of stalls in the Ampang area. Extremely popular with expats it serves one of the cheapest (and possibly the most succulent) tenderloins in the city. You can’t go past their fluffy naans and rich local soups either.

Sky High Views

Marini's on 57 – has become a new icon in the city. The sky-high bar is best visited late afternoon to capture good value drink deals and awesome sunsets. If you're just as enthralled by the Petronas Towers as I am, try out our Pub Crawl Route (map linked). It takes you in a soaring loop around the landmarks seizing them from every vantage point.

Similarly stunning views in a far more casual environment can be found at the Heli Lounge Bar. It really is a helicopter pad, so rooftop beverages are contingent on good weather and flight schedules.


After hitting the arts and streets markets in Chinatown, the flavours of Peranakan cuisine can be savoured at Old China Kafe. Resembling a house museum with its antique furniture, the Nyonya Laksa, dating back to the bridging of cultures along the Straits, is a must. For a post lunch caffeine fix amble a block over to Coffee Amo. Be wowed by the barista’s 3D latte art, and wooed by the owner’s homemade rum and raisin cheesecake.

Local Legends

Zaini Satay; Marinated meat on skewers, dipped in a peanut sauce, is a regional classic. Try it at this legendary stall where the recipe in use is over 60 years old.

Located nearby, another street food celebrity, Mr. Aru was renowned for the best tandoori in the area. Famous for his tender chicken and delicious naans, he unfortunately has not long ago retired and you’ve lost the chance to meet the icon. Not to weep too much though as we've come across a rumour that his secret recipe was passed on and again breathes new life in the city centre at My Papa's Naan.

Elegant Dining Malay

Attestation that wine can be matched with traditional Malay cuisine, and relished in a stylish setting are both Enak KL and Bijan restaurants. When visiting Enak KL you'll pass through the Feast Village in Starhill Gallery. Be sure to wander through the creatively designed collection of restaurants, take at peak in the bathrooms and, stroll through the 'hallway of stars.'

Brunch Like a Local

Kedai Kopi Mee Bon in Jalan Ipoh will have you brunching like a local. This dim sum restaurant is ever so popular on the weekends so get in early to grab a seat. Point to what takes your fancy and your plates will be totaled at the end for billing.

Flying Bread

Watch a master at work as he tosses, twirls and spins the dough, of this Indian influenced flat bread, in the air before turning it into a hot flaky piece of deliciousness on the skillet. Made from ghee, flour and water, eating too many will evoke a good scolding from your doctor, but you must indulge at least once, and for the best, visit Valentine Roti.

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