Top Sights and Attractions in Scandinavia

Visitors to the historical region of Scandinavia will enjoy discovering unique cultures, natural wonders and urban environments offered by Sweden, Norway and Denmark - the three countries that make up the Scandinavian Peninsula in Northern Europe.

Experience the historic city of Stockholm in Sweden, visit rustic Danish castles from the middle ages and sail through Norway’s majestic fjords, along with other great attractions along the way. You’ll see the very best this pristine and prosperous region has to offer on your own Scandinavian adventure.



Kronborg Castle

Sitting just 4km from Sweden, across the sound, Kronborg Castle has both historical and literary significance. With its prominent position at the entrance to the Baltic Sea, the King insisted any ships entering paid a toll - this was the main function of the castle. It is also the castle Shakespeare based his infamous tragedy of Hamlet upon. Guided tours of this UNESCO World Heritage Site are available with admission to the castle. You can also visit the Maritime Museum and nearby Helsingor for a great day out.



Vikings play a large part of Danish culture and history, so it’s no wonder many visitors to Denmark seek to learn more about Viking mythology and their lifestyle. The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is home to five original Viking vessels from the 11th century, along with other archaeological finds and educational exhibits. A visit to Roskilde Cathedral, which holds a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, will round out your trip to beautiful Roskilde.



See the Northern Lights

A visit to Norway offers a unique opportunity to see the northern lights first-hand at certain times of year. Few people worldwide live near enough to the arctic to see the majestic green and purple shimmer of the northern lights, which are visible from many parts of Norway. Enjoy a warm coffee on a cool Norwegian evening and watch this incredible light show caused by collision of solar flares with the Earth’s magnetic field unfold before you. Make sure to bring your camera to capture the brilliance of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.


Sail the Fjords

One of the most relaxing ways to explore Norway is on a slow cruise through the fjords. This unique landscape, caused by geological erosion over thousands of years, is what Norway is so famous for. Spend a day sailing the fjords and get a glimpse of the raw beauty of this magnificent landscape.




Stockholm is by all accounts one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Built on the intersection of lake and sea and with over ten centuries of culture and history, Stockholm is heralded today as the social and cultural capital of Scandinavia. The Swedish Royal Capital is also known for its smooth and convenient transportation network, clean air and water and political and social progressiveness. Check out the nearby Stockholm archipelago, an incredible maritime network of over 30,000 islands, inlets and other features.


Visit Visby

Visby is a walled city with a rich and well-preserved history. A former commercial outpost in the Baltic Sea, this 12th Century city boasts over 200 preserved warehouses and merchant dwellings from the height of its prosperity as a Viking trading centre. Sitting on the little Island of Gotland, a popular tourist hotspot with a population of just sixty thousand, you can take a little step back in time and discover the rich medieval history of Sweden at this great destination. The town of Visby is yet another Scandinavian attraction with the prestigious UNESCO heritage designation.


Scandinavia covers three countries, each with their own unique heritage and culture. To discover more of each country, travel north to explore these beautiful lands the Norse have called home for a millenium.

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