Australian Fishing Holidays

Australia is home to some of the greatest sights and most intriguing creatures on Earth, attracting countless people to its various regions each year. Favourite activities for visitors include an array of recreational activities, tranquil excursions, sightseeing adventures, and tours, but one of the most beloved pastimes for visitors is to enjoy fishing holidays to discover what lies beneath the surface of Australian waters.

Fishing Adventure Information

Australia offers many bodies of water for visitors and locals to fish in, and there are numerous types of fishing options, such as game fishing, fly fishing, ocean fishing, or river fishing. Each area offers a unique experience and features various fish species, and guests can always find more recreational fun, sightseeing opportunities, and additional adventures to enhance their fishing getaway.


In many of the fishing towns, recreational opportunities are present for those looking to go fishing. Rental equipment, boat tours, and kayaks or canoes are usually available. There are also many fishing charters that will provide guides and other amenities to guests, making the adventure even more relaxing and carefree.


Ocean Fishing

People who visit Australia to enjoy fishing holidays often visit the ocean, and the stunning beaches and abundance of fish make virtually anywhere along the coast an excellent destination. Ocean fishing locations sit all along the seaboard, and guests can visit numerous large cities or small towns, depending on their preference, to stay for their fishing getaway.


Many of these towns offer excellent opportunities to view the abundance of sea creatures by boat tours and fishing charters, and there are several popular fishing towns along the reefs, which make for excellent reef fishing. Depending on the area, there are many types of fish that guests catch, including trout, salmon, whiting, mackerel, marlin, and much more, and guests can expect to see a number of other interesting creatures such as whales or dolphins.


River Fishing

Australia also features a number of freshwater rivers that people often visit for fishing adventures. These excursions, too, also offer many opportunities for fishing, with boating tours available as well as rental equipment and other opportunities for fishing from shore. Popular fish caught in parts of Australia include murray cod, which are found in many places throughout Australia, Australian bass, catfish, perch, and much more.


The Barramundi

The barramundi are a popular species to fish for, and they live in both freshwater and saltwater bodies. For recreational purposes, professionals stock the barramundi in rivers throughout Australia, and each year fishermen flock to the Northern Territory's deltas to catch the barramundi run off.


Cooking the Catch

For visitors, finding a place to cook their catch isn't as hard as it may seem. Almost all the popular fishing towns feature holiday rentals, and these homes include full kitchens to make cooking and storing fresh fish easy. In addition, many towns also feature public barbecue equipment either along the beach or at parks to grill your fish, and many fishing charters will help inexperienced individuals with cleaning and filleting their fish.


Fishing in Australia is a truly spectacular opportunity and it allows visitors to view some of the most unique creatures. Fishing holidays in Australia are excellent for groups of any size, people of any age, and individuals of any experience level, and there are plenty of learning opportunities for children and adults alike.

Fishing Accommodation

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