The Simple & Secure Way to Communicate With Travellers

The simple & secure way to communicate with travellers

From May, messages between HomeAway customers and travellers will be delivered via our secure messaging system. You’ll still be able to email back and forth with travellers – but with greatly increased protection from fraudulent enquiries and spam.

How Secure Messaging Works

  1. When travellers enquire at HomeAway, you’ll receive an enquiry confirmation from an anonymous HomeAway email address, e.g.
  2. Simply reply to the email directly or respond via the HomeAway dashboard
  3. Travellers will receive your response from an anonymous HomeAway email address, not your own

You can still access traveller email addresses within the enquiry section of the dashboard at any time.

What happens if I don’t use HomeAway’s system for communicating with guests?

We do not recommend giving travellers your email address, as the conversation will no longer be protected.

Is it more secure if I use my HomeAway dashboard?

All communications in your dashboard are more secure because they are behind a login. It’s also fine to use your personal email if you'd prefer. If you reply directly to the enquiry email you receive, and any other emails back from travellers that are sent from with anonymised email addresses your communications will come through our secure system.

Will my conversations remain private?

HomeAway uses software similar to spam filtering to monitor for suspicious patterns to help reduce phishing and spam enquiries. We do not read communications unless requested to do so on your behalf. For more information please see our Privacy Policy.

What's happened to the property headline in the subject line of enquiries?

Our secure messaging system is used across all HomeAway brands and currently does not feature the property headline in the email subject line. We realise this change may impact the way some of our customers manage enquiries and therefore will be reinstating the property headline back into the template shortly. In the meantime, we recommend two ways of addressing this:

  1. Update an auto-response setting to reference the property number, not the property headline
  2. Export your full list of properties from the Headlines tab in the dashboard (for Property Managers only). This will allow you to have a reference point on hand to check the property number with its corresponding property headline for quick identification of the property.

Will I still be able to get enquiries and communications on all of my devices?

Yes. You will still have easy access to enquiries from any device (tablet, phone, desktop) to respond to travellers at anytime, anywhere through your email account or by logging into your dashboard as you do today.

What does an anonymous email address look like in an email client?

An anonymous email address will include a 36-digit mix of numbers and letters followed by

How do I ensure my email does not get lost in a spam filter?

To ensure secure conversation emails do not get lost in your spam or Junk folders adjust your email client’s filter settings to allow for incoming messages from and to be directed into your Inbox. Spam and Junk Mail filters vary between email clients (Gmail, Outlook, etc.), ensure that you are following the spam and Junk Mail filter settings instructions for your specific email client.

Can I add signatures or attachments to my emails back to travellers?

When you reply to travellers from your email account our messaging system will format your replies into our communications template. Unfortunately any formatted emails or email signatures may not render correctly through this system. There are two ways to avoid this - save the message to be copied into a text document (.txt or similar) and use that to copy and paste, ensuring no HTML formatting is carried into the body of the email. Alternatively, you can create a PDF document with any information you would like guests to receive and attach it to responses. We recommend that you do a test enquiry to see how the system works for rendering any formatted emails you have set up.

Please note that any email addresses sent within the content of an email going through our secure messaging system will be removed from the conversation as an added level of security.

Where can I find more FAQs about this new product?

If we haven't answered the questions you might have about our new feature on this page, please visit our Support page FAQs.

More about Security & Phishing

Phishing is a common form of online identity theft, and occurs when a criminal is able to capture someone's email address and password and access their inbox. Phishers are then able to intercept inquiries from travellers and request reservation payments without their knowledge. For more information on protecting your holiday rental experience, visit our Security Centre.