Turn your enquiries into bookings sooner


When HomeAway travellers are interested in booking your holiday home, they’ll send you an enquiry. Here are our tips for turning enquiries into bookings so your holiday rental can make more money, more quickly.

Don’t keep your travellers waiting

First things first: Always be quick to respond! The huge amount of variety in holiday rentals available at HomeAway means that travellers will often enquire on multiple properties at once. So be sure to respond to your enquiries quickly. Responding to travellers promptly gives you the edge over your competition, and may allow you to reach the traveller while they’re still online and ready to chat.

Make it easy for travellers to reach you

There are many different ways to communicate with your travellers – so use them all! When you return an enquiry, let travellers know that they can call you back with additional questions, or if you are available only at certain times, make a time to call them back. Travellers often have a lot of details to coordinate for their holiday (large groups, family availability, children’s needs) so make things as easy as possible for them. If a traveller respects the way you do business, the more likely they are to book with you!

Keep your calendar up-to-date

Letting travellers know when your property is available is critical to helping them plan their stay before placing an enquiry. What’s more, an up-to-date calendar will help improve your position in HomeAway search rankings, so keeping your details current will reward you with a higher ranking so more travellers can discover you.

Need to handle your enquiries on the go?

Whether your holiday home is a full-time job or something you run on the side, it helps to be able to access your enquiries from wherever you are. Download the HomeAway mobile app for your iPhone or Android device, you manage your enquiries on the go.

Use quotable rates

Using quotable rates is a simple option available in your HomeAway account and lets travellers request an automatic quote before they place an enquiry. This simple feature makes things easy for you, allowing travellers to quote the cost of their holiday before they even send you an enquiry. All you need to do is simply enable this option in your HomeAway dashboard, update your rates, and you’re ready to go.

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